Ahhhh Halloween. I love this holiday, always full of fun and smiles. Unfortunately we didn’t get to take part in it this year. Roman is sick with a fever, cough, and sore throat. Poor boy :(. Luckily he doesn’t understand yet what he’s missing out on. So we stayed home in our pajamas and watched cartoons all day. We did carve a pumpkin however, and as a family effort we drew on the others. As you can see we aren’t artists by any means, but it was fun.

Phoenix Part 1

Technically I’m a day behind, but as you can see I have a good reason. Sal and I made the trek down to Fullerton today to get tattooed. This isn’t a tattoo that we got on a whim, this is something that we’ve been contemplating for a long time. My tattoo is a Phoenix; Gigi’s middle name is Phoenix. The legend of the Phoenix goes something like this…The Phoenix has a 500 to 1000 year life cycle. At the end it builds a nest out of twigs that catch on fire. The Phoenix burns with the fire down to ashes, and from the ashes a young Phoenix rises again to live out another life, making her immortal. The cry of the Phoenix is said to be as beautiful as a song.

This is the first round for both Sal and I, and when were done I’ll post again. I’m getting color added. Sal got Giovanna tattooed on the top of his shoulder and his whole left arm is going to be a battle scene between angels and demons. It looks amazing too. We researched and researched because we wanted to go to the same shop, but we have drastically different styles when it comes to tattoo’s. A big shot out to Kirk and Edo at Sleepy Lagoon Tattoo in Fullerton. Amazing!

Pickin Pumpkins

We set out this morning to do what we tried to do last weekend…go to Murray Farms in Bakersfield. Luckily we were succesful this time, although there were a few bumps in the road. We got to Murray Farms and headed to the life-size ant farm and corn maze, which were super cool. Then we decided we would do the hay wagon ride and go pick some pumpkins, but I was thirsty so I wanted to go back to the car and get my bottle of water when we discovered Sal had locked the keys in the car. Uh oh. Were pretty far out from anything and a service call could take some time. That’s not a big deal though, there were plenty of things to do. The problem was that Sal and I dressed for winter. We put Roman in a short sleeve shirt and brought a jacket so he was okay, but on October 29th it was well into the 80’s. We were dying.

So we proceeded to the hay ride figuring it would take some time. I must say that it was a really neat ride narrated by the youngest Murray, and in the middle of the trip they stop at a mini pumpkin patch where Roman picked the pumpkin you see above. About the same time we got a call from the guy that was going to pop the locks and he was at the wrong farm 45 min away. Ugh…. So we ate  and went to the petting zoo while we waited. He finally arrived and we were granted access to the car once again! Yay! We rounded out the day at the mall, and got the rest of Roman’s Halloween outfit. It was a pretty eventful day and we are all pretty tired, tomorrow will be more of the same but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Dean and Klyde

This is my dad, Dean, and his dog, Klyde. When I lived in Boise I got Klyde as a Christmas present to myself, but was activated a couple of months later (Air Force Reserve). Seeing as I needed to go back to work for a couple of months with hours that were not conducive to having a puppy, I drove Klyde to Ridgecrest so my parents could take care of him for a while. A while has turned into seven years. See what happened was, Dean and Klyde became so attached to each other that I couldn’t possibly break them up.  It just wouldn’t be right.

Dean holds Klyde like this all the time, and Klyde waits by the window so he can see when Dean gets home. Klyde’s handled being bumped out of the number one spot by Roman pretty well, minus stealing food out of Romans hand and getting a wee bit jealous now and then. Never the less they would both walk to the end of the earth for each other. A man and his dog….


I have talked a lot about me and Roman and Sal, but I havent mentioned Valentino, or V for short. I got V about this time last year for a couple of reasons; I wanted something that was small and cuddly to baby, a friend for Roman, a protector for the house. So far he’s lived up to expectations. He’s protective and he and Roman are thick as thieves, but there’s always the flip side of the coin as I’m learning. He likes to dig, and chews on anything that’s not metal. He has to date ruined more things than I think it has cost me to raise Roman to this point. 🙂 Maybe not quiet but it feels like it sometimes. He has pushed me to my edge a couple of times, I even tried to get rid of him once, albeit half-heartedly.

Even with his neurotic separation anxiety self, he is an amazing dog. He’s great with children, listens well, and protects the house if one of us is gone. He has the “dog” sense and knows when someones hurt or upset. He never gets mad at Roman when he tries to ride him like a horse. He is constantly by Romans side, even in the pool, and always greets us enthusiastically when we get home . I love him, even when I want to kill him. V really is a part of the family.

My Mail!!!

Do you remember the post about Roman checking the mail? Well I’ve been waiting for these bad boys since August 30th, about the same time I got my new washer and dryer. A company here in town, I wont name names, had them since the 10th of September, but never called. Ugh, but I have them now! Yay! Now, to get them under the washer and dryer….

Blue Eyes

Roman hasn’t seen his Great Grandma in a while so I thought today we would go up and see her and take some pictures while we were at it. My Grandma’s place is great for taking pictures complete with windmill, 1940 tractor, old school water spickets, wagon wheels, barn, etc. Unfortunately it’s not always so easy with Roman and the light was pretty harsh. Anyways, the point was to see Great Grandma and we did. They chatted and played. What’s so great about this Great Grandma in particular is that Roman and her share a birthday and that’s one half of where he gets his amazing blue eyes. Everyone always asks me where they come from and now everyone knows! The other half is from Sal’s family, I swear half of them have lighter eyes than me. Next time we see them I’ll take a picture and post it. 🙂

I feel like were so busy that its hard to make time to do everything I want to do and need to do, but I need to make more of an effort to fit in time for all of the family.  Love you guys!

Fall is Officially Here

The plan was to go to Murray Farms near Bakersfield today to pick a pumpkin, but as we were heading out-of-town we decided against it since the weather was increasingly getting worse. Fall is officially here. So I decided to finally decorate for Halloween today.  I know it’s a week away, but as all my friends and family know I am always late when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Anyways, I got the decorations out of the garage and realized I don’t have jack for Halloween decorations, so we went and bought some. As we were looking around it was clear that I was late to the game because only the crappy decorations were left. About the only thing I did find was this wreath, which is fine because it’s not only for Halloween, it’s for all of Fall, and since I’m not big on decorating (except for Christmas) its perfect!

Dancing Fools

All of Sals’ family minus one sister came into town today so we BBQ’d it up! We all ate kabobs and the kids played throughout the house and yard. After everyone’s food had settled we put in a Wii game that Kathy brought, where you dance your booty off. I picked this picture because Nancy is in the background dancing. She was dancing the whole time! By the way…I beat Sal every time! Undefeated fool!

The Ridgecrest Fair

The fair is in town! Usually I wouldn’t be too excited about it, but since I have had a kid I see things in a whole new perspective. So we called my parents and asked them if they wanted to join us. We bribed Roman into going, by telling him we were going to go see some cows. We all met up at the ticket stand and set off on a mission to find the cows, but we hit a road block about half-way there. The tractors. Roman is absolutely fascinated with tractors and asks almost everyday where Sal’s friend who owns all the tractors is and if we can go see him. Anyways, after a short detour with the tractors we finally made it over to the livestock area. Roman wasnt too thrilled about the goats and pigs, in fact they kind of scared him, but we made it over to the cows and Roman mood with them until it was time to go.

Next came the rides. I swear my child is going to be an adrenaline junkie. We rode the carousel, and the tea cups, and he was asking to go on the big kid rides still. So we took another detour, but this time on purpose and went and watched an amazing band. They might have just graduated and are local. They were amazing and unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the band, but I would definitely buy their CD. Roman was a little dancing fool to please the crowd. Afterwards Sal took Roman on the big slide then wandered over to see the photography and art exhibit.To our surprise Sal’s sisters face was in one of the winning pictures, dimple and all :).  There were really good pictures  and who knows, next year I might enter…might. We went into the hall with all the fun kid stuff like bubbles, electricity, balance meter, etc. and I think I was having more fun than Roman :).

As we were walking around I remembered being in highschool and loving the fair. The rides, especially The Gravatron, and the fact that it was a parent free zone where you could run around without getting in trouble. I remember meeting up with a boy I had a crush on at the time and walking through the games holding hands with butterfly’s in my stomach. Stealing kisses when the ferris wheel got to the top. I asked Sal and he said he remembered the same things. That was such a carefree time! It made me smile and I felt like we that age again, on a not so official date, only this time it was with my husband by my side and a two and a half-year old running wild.

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