Hello world!

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan. I’ll try to keep this short since I will be writing often. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the last year of my 20’s, I will be turning 29 on October 6th.  I actually got this idea from someone else who did something very similar. Awesome idea, so I had to borrow it. 🙂 My goal is to take a picture everyday and post it. By no means am I a professional photographer, but I have always had a love for photography. That being said…these pictures are meant to capture the emotion or thoughts of everyday, whether it be good or bad. If done right, at the end of this birth year I should have exposed enough of my soul that people should get a hint of who I am, while I hopefully learn more about myself.  So if you are interested in what happens in the life of a 29-year-old working, married, mom then you have come to the right place. Thank you for joining me!