Why do we wait for tomorrow to do things we can do today? I’m not just talking about chores or honey do’s. Not only things that we dread doing but things that we look forward to doing? I have been wanting to go to The Trail of 100 Giants for more than a year now, and with all the weekends in between you think I would have gone by now, but I havent. There was always some reason why it wasnt logical at the time…chores, obligations, or just pure laziness.  So on my way to the veterinarian in Kernville today I saw the sign for the Giants and decided that I was going to go! It wasn’t the most opportune time seeing that I have a 60 lb pit bull puppy on my hands and a toddler that refuses to walk more that half a lap, but I was determined to seize the day. Carpe Diem! So after the vet and a tailgate lunch we headed out, and I was right it wasnt easy. The dog suddenly decided he didn’t know how to behave on a leash and my son walked about 3/4 of a lap (an improvement), but it was all worth it. Roman ran through the puddles, climbed in the massive crevices in the massive trees and just plain had fun. I loved seeing these amazing trees that were daunting in size. It made me realize how small we really are. These 100 Giants put me in my place and reminded me to get out more today…not tomorrow, because Giants are waiting to teach me a humbling and well natured lesson.


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  1. Mom
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 19:48:22

    What a beautiful picture. I know you don’t remember but when you were very little you and I went up there to do almost exactly what you and Roman did, minus the dog, and that was to get away and experience the 100 giants. We also visited a town called Johnsondale that has now been converted to a private vacation spot. It was a very old mining town and had an old miner that was a permanent fixture sitting out front of the little old store where you could buy a pop there. You were terrified of that old miner and let him know it. There went the peace and quite of the mountains.


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