Lately I’ve been thinking about personal walls.   As we grow up we learn through personal experience that not everyone is to be trusted with our heart, soul, or emotions. So we put up walls to keep us from experiencing that pain again.  But can someone be so protective of their heart, soul, and emotions that their walls end up being the cause of the hurt? When do you make the decision to trust someone? Is it after enough time? Or maybe after going through trying times together? What if you never figure it out and you end up shutting everyone out so that they only get to know the outside layers of you? I know plenty of people like this and I feel sad for them, because by protecting themselves so fiercely they have missed out on one of life’s greatest gifts. The gift of being able to connect with someone. It takes two people to have any type of relationship, but both walls need to come down to experience each other to the fullest. I have always wanted to know the soul behind the wall of the people close to me and luckily I have realized that my walls need to come down in order to do so. I hope that if I leave any mark on the people I meet, it’s that its okay to let the walls come down and fully experience the joy of truly knowing as much as you can ever know another person.