The boys and I were driving home from an ice cream run when I saw the moon tonight. It is spectacular to say the least and my pictures don’t do it justice.  For my first night shot it wasnt too bad though, and I am definitely learning thanks to this blog.

Night skies always make me think about people who I love dearly but are unable to be here with me physically. I know I’m not the only one, everyone has someone they miss…be it a family member, dear friend, or lover. In fact a quick search in Google for “looking at the same moon” reveals 6,810,000 results.  One of my favorite quotes that talks about looking at the same moon is actually a song by  Phil Collins

“If you choose a time, I’ll catch the moon
I’ll see you there
from wherever I am, wherever you are
we’ll find somewhere.
I see the same stars in the same sky
shining down on you,
I’ll be looking up from wherever I am
and it’s you I’ll see if you’re looking too.”

Although we live in an age where you can always be connected with technology there is something special about being connected on an earthly level.