Okay…so just when I thought the heat was supposed to stop it seems that its only gotten hotter. The Weather Channel says it 91 degrees with 20% humidity….ugh. On the bright side of things it means more pool days!!! Yay!!!

Anyways….so Roman and I headed over to my parents house today to take pictures and play. I love my parents house it’s like a little paradise in the middle of the desert.  The next house I build is going to have a lot of the qualities their house has, and luckily my mom is a designer (of all sorts apparently) I’ll have some help when I need it.  The landscaping of the house makes me want to wear my bathing suit all day and drink blended frozen drinks and pretend I’m in Hawaii. These chairs are out front…where we don’t spend too much time, but I love to sit in them when we do. The mural was painted by my mom’s best friend Barbara Greenmun (sp?), who has also done a ton more around the rest of the house.

I wasnt sure what to take a picture of today, I guess I kind of hit a block, but the great thing is once I get going I have a ton of fun! Im starting to learn my settings in the manual mode! Baby steps…;) So I just walked around and let Roman take a ton of pictures than I took some. Maybe Ill Google some tutorials for Photoshop Elements once I get the hang of the manual settings….Im sure that wont be for a while though.


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