Mother and Daughter

Today was my moms birthday, but I wont say how old ;)~.  I made her a spice cake with cream cheese frosting as requested and Roman and I made her a huge card. He wasnt interested in coloring it with mere old crayons though (he wanted paint), so he got to put the stickers on it. In tradition with all of her birthdays we picked up some chinese and celebrated. It was nice, Roman blew the candles out as usual and we watched “Meet the Robinson’s”. I’m looking forward to our birthday next year though….we’ll be celebrating some big numbers in Hawaii!

When I look at this picture I can’t see any of her in me. I used to ask her if I was adopted when I was younger, and of course I’m not! Haha! I think it’s just a natural thing that kids ask. I’m sure Roman will ask me someday, especially since I don’t see myself in him. I see all Sal, but I was there when he was born so I know he’s mine :)!