New Life

I am posting early for a very good reason today. My best friend Amanda is getting induced tomorrow, but because she is on east coast time I will still be asleep when she goes into labor. Cadena, I am soo freaking excited for you and I cant wait to meet Rilynn. I know she will have the laughter from both of you and her good looks from her auntie. I love all 3 of you!

The poster was specially created today by Roman and I. I’ll give him the credit for the good part…whatever that is ūüėČ

“New life makes loosing life easier to understand” ~ Jack Johnson

Unknown Roads

Sometimes we find ourselves on a road that we¬†didn’t choose to turn onto. We were placed here by circumstances unforseen. Sometimes they may have been in our control, and¬†other times they may have not been.¬†We have all been here before, and while we¬†have not all traveled the exact same road, what we have learned while traveling may be of comfort to those who are traveling it now. Through these travels that we have all experienced, hopefully we have learned to be compassionate to the person that is currently embarking on¬†their journey.¬†

The road is forever changing and may not always have an end in sight, but take comfort that there is always someone out there that is willing to help you through the rocky and rough parts until you feel strong enough to continue on your own.