The Ridgecrest Fair

The fair is in town! Usually I wouldn’t be too excited about it, but since I have had a kid I see things in a whole new perspective. So we called my parents and asked them if they wanted to join us. We bribed Roman into going, by telling him we were going to go see some cows. We all met up at the ticket stand and set off on a mission to find the cows, but we hit a road block about half-way there. The tractors. Roman is absolutely fascinated with tractors and asks almost everyday where Sal’s friend who owns all the tractors is and if we can go see him. Anyways, after a short detour with the tractors we finally made it over to the livestock area. Roman wasnt too thrilled about the goats and pigs, in fact they kind of scared him, but we made it over to the cows and Roman mood with them until it was time to go.

Next came the rides. I swear my child is going to be an adrenaline junkie. We rode the carousel, and the tea cups, and he was asking to go on the big kid rides still. So we took another detour, but this time on purpose and went and watched an amazing band. They might have just graduated and are local. They were amazing and unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the band, but I would definitely buy their CD. Roman was a little dancing fool to please the crowd. Afterwards Sal took Roman on the big slide then wandered over to see the photography and art exhibit.To our surprise Sal’s sisters face was in one of the winning pictures, dimple and all :).  There were really good pictures  and who knows, next year I might enter…might. We went into the hall with all the fun kid stuff like bubbles, electricity, balance meter, etc. and I think I was having more fun than Roman :).

As we were walking around I remembered being in highschool and loving the fair. The rides, especially The Gravatron, and the fact that it was a parent free zone where you could run around without getting in trouble. I remember meeting up with a boy I had a crush on at the time and walking through the games holding hands with butterfly’s in my stomach. Stealing kisses when the ferris wheel got to the top. I asked Sal and he said he remembered the same things. That was such a carefree time! It made me smile and I felt like we that age again, on a not so official date, only this time it was with my husband by my side and a two and a half-year old running wild.