I have talked a lot about me and Roman and Sal, but I havent mentioned Valentino, or V for short. I got V about this time last year for a couple of reasons; I wanted something that was small and cuddly to baby, a friend for Roman, a protector for the house. So far he’s lived up to expectations. He’s protective and he and Roman are thick as thieves, but there’s always the flip side of the coin as I’m learning. He likes to dig, and chews on anything that’s not metal. He has to date ruined more things than I think it has cost me to raise Roman to this point. 🙂 Maybe not quiet but it feels like it sometimes. He has pushed me to my edge a couple of times, I even tried to get rid of him once, albeit half-heartedly.

Even with his neurotic separation anxiety self, he is an amazing dog. He’s great with children, listens well, and protects the house if one of us is gone. He has the “dog” sense and knows when someones hurt or upset. He never gets mad at Roman when he tries to ride him like a horse. He is constantly by Romans side, even in the pool, and always greets us enthusiastically when we get home . I love him, even when I want to kill him. V really is a part of the family.


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