Mmmmm….Hot Chocolate

One of my favorite things about Christmas season is hot chocolate. Yummy! I especially love it with some french vanilla flavoring. apparently I have had this packet for a while though cuz the marshmallows never fully softened up. Oh well kind of reminded me of Lucky Charms marshmellows….hey, I may be onto something. 🙂

Say Cheese

I was in the process of cleaning the kitchen when Roman asked to see my big camera. We played with it for a while, but when I was ready to finish the cleaning he didn’t want to give it up, so I gave him my little camera. As you can see he is an avid picture taker telling me to say “cheese”. So what if it doesn’t have a viewfinder or if his fingers are covering the lens…. 🙂 He still took some pretty awesome pictures of fingers, the ground, the ceiling, and the dog. He’s on his way to being the next family photographer.

Sangria Party

 The beginning of the night.




Ahhhh Thanksgiving! Love it! Sooo much food! We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents house this year, and it was delicious! My Mom made everything except for the green beans. I felt like I had to contribute something :).  After we ate we watched a little football, which by the way, was a pretty good game this year. Any game that the Cowboys loose is a good game. Then the boys went outside and played soccer while my mom and I flipped through magazines. Gotta say, pretty perfect day.

Besides the food, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the things that you are thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for I’m afraid that I couldn’t list them all here.  Even so, I will go through a short but important list. I am thankful for my little family. Roman brightens everyday, he can make me smile when I feel like a smile is almost impossible. He laughter and personality are truly a blessing. I’m thankful for my husband. The way he looks at me like I’m the most amazing girl in the world. His laugh and smile are infectious, and thankful that he’s an amazing dad. I’m thankful that we have an amazing house to live in and food to put on the table.

I’m also thankful for my parents, Sal’s parents, sisters, and brother. They have become family to me. I’m thankful for my family that doesn’t live here but is always available for me if I need them. I am thankful for my friends that are always there to listen and laugh. I’m thankful for life.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Roman loves wearing big people shoes.  It doesn’t matter what gender or what style, but his favorite shoes are definitely Grandpa’s boots. Who cares if they’re on the wrong feet or if they are almost bigger than him? He rocks it. 🙂

Decorating Confusion


I’m not sure that I’ve ever wanted to decorate for Christmas so early in the year before. I am so excited about Christmas this year, well not so much Christmas but everything that Christmas is about. I’m looking forward to family and friends getting together, the smell and taste of fresh-baked cookies, the Christmas music,the excitement and anticipation of the little ones, everything!  So for now I guess I’ll just have Fall and Christmas decorations up, at least until the day after Thanksgiving. 🙂

A Day of Play

After I got off work and picked up Roman today we went to the park, and boy is it starting to get cold. We brought the soccer balls and played for about an hour, and towards the end Roman had moco’s running down his face. That’s not the gross part though cuz all kids get runny noses; what was gross was him trying to wipe them on me and thinking it was hilarious. He gets his sense of humor from his dad apparently. Anyways, I love the picture above because it seems like Romans trying to catch the sun.

I also love this picture because he’s actually sitting still for a second. Its amazing!

Ahhh….but things wouldn’t be okay in the world if I didn’t get mean mugged for taking his picture. Still like it though. 🙂 There was a time when he couldn’t get his picture taken enough. The joy of kids.

The Art of Making Fog

Wow was there some crazy weather today! The itty bitty hail was crazy, and with that finally came the cold weather. It’s like we skipped fall and went directly to winter. And when it’s cold outside it’s super easy to make fog on windows. We went to my parents house today to see Honey and Grandpa and while we were playing, Roman figured out how to make fog. He hasn’t quite perfected his technique, but at least I got this picture to chronicle his progress… Bahahahaha! Love it!


Ahhhhh….it’s that time of the year again. A time to get together with family and friends and celebrate everything that we are thankful for. It’s also a time for Sangria!!!! Every year we have a get together with whomever will join us and make a huge batch of Sangria. This year we’re gonna do it even bigger. I plan on having all the decorations up, Christmas music in the background, appetizers, and whatever else I think of. So to all my friends and family look for an invite coming soon! Yay!


This is Monkey a.k.a. Roman’s best buddy. Luke got him for Roman on his 1st Birthday and has been with Roman since then. When we realized Monkey wouldn’t last forever we went to buy another one just to find out that they weren’t selling Monkey’s anymore. So we contacted friends and family to start the Great Monkey Search. Well Sal’s sister found them so we ordered two. That should fix everything right? NO! It’s not THE MONKEY. Roman twirls the silk tag and its tattered and frayed and the other Monkey’s didn’t have the same tag and weren’t broken in. So we had two extra Monkey’s….until V ate one. Yeah so now we have one sitting in a closet… Hopefully this one never falls apart….well more than it already is.

On another note it seems I always pull some picture and something to write about out of thin air. Unfortunately I’m never fully satisfied with either. With work and school and being mom and wife I’m lacking on time. Hopefully throughout the year I can take some time and put out a product Im happy with.

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