We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

If you’ve lived in Ridgecrest for any amount of time chances are that you have walked by or driven by this house for a long time. Sal, Roman, and I went to look at the decorations today and happened to meet the owner of the house. On our way there we were talking about how interesting the history of the house must be and who we imagined to live there, and we were both totally off the mark. While we figured it was an older couple it is in fact a younger gentleman that actually worked on the Wizard of Oz along with other various productions. He is also very passionate about the environment and very involved in a project that focuses on the health of children and how it relates to the environment. He was a pleasure to meet and I hope to be able to get to know him better. The decorations will be on display until January with a full show happening out front on Christmas Eve. I look forward to going back again to watch the show!¬†This¬†experience is what makes me love Ridgecrest.