Bath Time

Roman got a hair cut this weekend, and it’s like he’s a different kid. He looks sooo much older when his curls get cut off :(.  After his hair cut I really sat and thought about how much he has changed in just the last month. He’s putting long sentences together, counting past 10, singing his ABC’s. Its mind-blowing.  Even though he’s growing so fast there are times when I realize just how little he is, like when he wants to take a bath in my bathtub. My bathtub is big even for me, but when I look at him in it, it’s like he’s this little baby again. It brings me back to the days when his daily bath was in the sink.

I have more pictures of him when he’s taking a bath than any other type of picture. I’m not sure why; maybe it’s because he loves baths and is always happy when he’s in one. Or maybe it’s just me wanting to remember him like this. Tiny and happy.