Decorating Confusion


I’m not sure that I’ve ever wanted to decorate for Christmas so early in the year before. I am so excited about Christmas this year, well not so much Christmas but everything that Christmas is about. I’m looking forward to family and friends getting together, the smell and taste of fresh-baked cookies, the Christmas music,the excitement and anticipation of the little ones, everything!  So for now I guess I’ll just have Fall and Christmas decorations up, at least until the day after Thanksgiving. 🙂


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  1. Home Decor Accents | Garden Accents | Outdoor Garden Decorations
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 19:57:40

    Sounds like we might be soul sisters LOL
    Christmas is my favorite holiday as well. Even more again now since I’m a proud Grandma. I put a lot of time and efforts in making every Christmas fest perfect and decorate the home inside and outside. But same as you I also decorate for the Fall season and Thanksgiving. Usually a week after Thanksgiving I start decorating for Christmas.


    • Miss Morgans 365 Days of Photos
      Nov 29, 2010 @ 21:39:40

      Well, this year I decorated the day after Thanksgiving. I couldnt help myself :). We are just starting to build our decoration stock pile up so were getting there! In fact we just bought an inflatable elephant that our son picked out for the front yard. I hope it spreads Christmas joy to everyone who see’s it!


  2. Ali
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 00:23:57

    good shot.


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