Tiny Hands

I saw a picture like this today and wanted to recreate it with Roman and Sal. The original picture was with a newborn but it still works because Romans hands are still little. He’s growing so fast though! A couple of posts ago I said that I would share my before and after pictures and I’m open to all ideas and critiques. So here is the before…

This is another shot, Roman was sleeping and wasnt too happy with us so I only got to take a couple before I put him to bed.

Here is the before…

Happy New Years everyone!


I was wondering what to take a picture of today when I glanced at this mask on my back porch. It has a twin that is located on the other side of the french doors leading to my bedroom. I got these when I took Sal to Cabo San Lucas for his 30th birthday. We also got a Aztec calendar that is hanging on the opposite wall. My plan is to collect a traditional mask from every country I travel to.

We have a trip planned to Hawaii in November ( I need to put in leave for that:)) and while it’s not a different country, Hawaii has such a colorful culture that it wont be hard to find a mask with meaning and culture tied to it.

Sweet Tooth

Those that know me well, know that I have a huge sweet tooth for candy. Not chocolate or candy bars or cookies, just candy. I just can’t help it sometimes, and apparently its been proven that sugar is addictive. Ugh. As the new year approaches I have been thinking about things that I want to change, and I’m not sure if this is one of the things I want to part with. I have always been the “eat in moderation” believer. I know if I try to refrain from eating something all together like sugar or coffee or sugar 🙂 it’s just going to work against me and I’ll end up over indulging. So for now I will cut back my sugar intake a LOT, but not part with it. I think I’ll go have some Red Vines or Gummi Bears or….. Hey its not the new year yet!


Sometimes I forget that this blog is supposed to chronicle the year, it’s not purely meant to improve my photography (if you want to call it that). While the improvement is a plus, it’s meant to be about what it going on in my life.  

Today was one of those day’s where you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. I didn’t want to be at work, but I didn’t want to be home. I have a headache that just wont quit. I’m tired but can’t sleep, hungry but don’t have an appetite. When I have these crappy days I take a scorching hot bath. Now that I have a jacuzzi tub it’s so much more relaxing, and with the amazing candles my mom got me it was a nice reprieve from the day.


The Burroughs alumni game was today at lunch and more people turned out than I thought would. It was a good game and as usual the old folk won!! Roman wants to play so bad. It was all we could do to get him to sit on the side lines. He had to get carried off the field a couple of times. Sal plays soccer three times a week and I should really take Roman out there so he can learn the etiquette but it’s so dang cold!

He did get to hang out during warm up and half time though. The guys are so good with him.

I’m sure he will play soccer when he’s older, its in the Ramirez blood. I looked into pee wee soccer, but because Ridgecrest is so small the youngest you can be is 5.

Unfortunately Sal didn’t score this year, but there is always the 5 Aside and the Alumni game next year.

Even with a bum knee he’s still beating the youngins to the ball.

This was the first year that Sal’s little brother Mark got to play on the winning side. He did really good!

I’m looking forward to next years game!

Bye Bye Weekend….

Doesnt it feel like Christmas flew by? I didn’t even feel like there was a weekend. Oh well, this year flew by, so this weekend was just keeping with the theme.  The Christmas decorations came down today, and the house got a good cleaning. After Romans nap Roman, Grandpa, Sal, and I went geocaching. Didnt find much but it was good to get out of the house and run! Anyways, Roman and I wore our matching P.J.’s today! Yes! We rocked it out.

This is us after his bath matching cuz were roll dogs. 🙂

These are some beautiful roses Sal got me on Thursday, they just opened and smell so good. They are yellow at the bottom and orange towards the top. My favorite color. Of course you can’t tell because I killed them in Photoshop but I felt a little artistic today.

Yay Christmas!!!! 2010

What a Christmas! It was full of family, food, gifts, and crazyness! The first present opened this morning was a little camera. Roman was absolutely in love with it!

V got a little frisbee and slept with it right away. He really has turned out to be one of the family. Like another kid. Even with the ruined couch and patio furniture, he is so amazing with Roman, and the perfect watch dog with his protectiveness. I never worry that anyone will ever try to break in when I’m alone with Roman, except when he’s snoring so loud I wonder if he would even hear anything.

Ahhh…..this is Sal opening tickets to the Chile vs. US soccer game next month from my parents. Surprised, excited, happy, ecstatic, doesn’t even begin to explain how happy he is. It’s at the Home Depot center and the seats are amazing. They really outdid themselves!

Arent these p.j.’s super cute. My parents have such a sense of humor, but I fully intent on wearing them!  I also got a beautiful pair of opal earings that I cant wait to wear.

Thank you to all of our family who made this weekend so special. We love you!

A parting gift…Pictures that Roman took.

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas with Sals family today since everyone was in town at the same time. This is Roman opening his first present this year. His Tia Nina got him amongst other things a green iron cast John Deer. He was hesitant to open anything else after he opened it because he was so in love with it.

This was later at my parents house. Can you see him contemplating whether or not he should pick up that rock and throw it at someone? Ahhhh….boys. We continued our tradition of opening a present on Christmas Eve. Roman got flashlights, in love again, if only he wouldn’t shine them in my eyes. Ugh.

Sal mom made a wonderful lunch and Sal and I made out like royalty with both our families today. We can’t thank everyone enough for putting so much effort into Christmas. It truly is about the memories.

I am so excited about tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll post tomorrow. I’ll definitely take pictures, but I’m expecting tomorrow to be very busy. Merry Christmas everyone!


Okay…wow! I give props to pro photographers. I don’t know how they do it! I mean trying to take pictures of one kid is hard (especially if its mine) but multiple is impossible. None of them were ever looking at me at the same time or smiling at the same time,  and the lighting was less than desirable at about 10:00.  It’s okay though, it was a learning experience. These are my nieces and nephews on Sal’s side. All super cute, all super different.


Trucks, Cars, and Dinosaurs

Roman got an early Christmas present today from Sandi, his daycare provider and my best friend. He loves it! It’s a little remote control Ford truck, super cute! Fortunately and unfortunately it rained again today. I love the rain, and we desperately need it, but it’s not the easiest to play in when its winter. So we stayed inside and played with all of the trucks and cars, oh and two dinosaurs.

The colors are sooo saturated here when it rains, probably because it’s so dry being in the middle of the Mojave desert. I wish I was a better photographer or a little more creative. I wasnt sure what to take pictures of, so as I was walking around in the rain for some inspiration I found this old bench. I think I’ll take it home and fix it…maybe.

This picture was just for fun. Hey, I’m trying to find my artistic side. :). On a somewhat serious note, you may have noticed that I’m taking pictures of a lot of nothing. Not much has been going on, or I guess not much new, or maybe I’ve just hit a block. The other big reason for this is that its firkin hard to take pictures of toddlers that don’t sit still and HATE having their picture taken. A big objective of this was for me to get better at capturing my sons moments. Well….its poving to be hard! Its cold right now, so the pictures I do take are inside, and I have very YELLOW lighting, and I’m not sure what to do about it in processing….see I told you I dont think I’m a professional ;). So….wish me luck, wish me cleverness, and wish me an imagination.

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