Great Grandpa Stalcup

As I was going through a basket looking for pens so Roman could draw I found this lovely packet of letters. They arent love letters, or notes penned in class; they are letters from my Great Grandpa Stalcup. When I was about eight or nine my Grandpa sent me a travel chess board (also wrapped with the letters) and throughout at least three or four years we wrote back and forth. He tought me the game of chess all the way from Florida. One of the most amazing things though is that I only remember meeting him once. I remember him smiling and being cheerful. As I read through the postcards and letters I realized how patient of a man he was. I lost our spots at least twice, letters got lost in the mail, I started to lose focus, but he was always supportive and encouraging. One of the last letters is a reply to my letter that I didn’t want to play anymore and he was supportive and accepting. He said that he wanted to keep in touch and would continue to write. For someone who I only remember meeting once, this man holds a special place in my heart. I hope to treat my Great Grandchildren the way he treated me.  Luckily if I need help I can look back at these postcards and letters of at least 30 and follow in his footsteps.