Weed Strength



Wow! There was frost on the ground this morning! It didn’t last too long though, the sun came up and the frost was quickly disappearing, and what came next was even more beautiful.  The frost on all the weeds started to melt and the desert weeds looked like they had been adorned with a thousand jewels. The droplets hanging on to all the twisty tumbleweeds and desert flowers was gorgeous. 

On another note I am taking a mini Photoshop elements tutorial through Kim Klassen. It’s perfect for me. Today I learned how to put font into my pictures and what some of the little buttons do. I was signed up for a photography class in Jan. but with everything going on right now I figured it would be better to wait. Luckily an amazing photographer here in town has thrown out the idea of a basic class with hot chocolate that I will totally sign up for as soon as he schedules it. And like he said…you need to know how to take a good picture before you try to change it (or something to that effect). Love his work!


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