Sunrise in Ridgecrest

As I was driving to drop Roman off this morning this is what I saw. AMAZING. I know that our sunsets are beautiful, but I’ve never really paid attention to the sunrise.

Roman has been asking to go see the horses and feed them carrots since yesterday.  So after work I picked him up, went and bought a bag of carrots, and went to BLM. These wild horses are so amazingly beautiful. I grew up owning horses and riding, and still try to go whenever I get the opportunity. Unfortunately, I have developed horrible allergies to them that makes it miserable to go riding. I even felt the effects from just visiting.  Roman luckily doesn’t have that problem and fed them every single carrot and petted these sweethearts right here. He loves horses. Maybe I’ll have to go get the Benadryl shot.

P.S. This was my experiment in Photoshop today.