The 1 Year Curse

What a weird day. I picked up Roman and went home. I started to do the little chores I do everyday, emptying the dishwasher, making the bed, wiping down the table and counter tops, all along with Roman and V by my side. After I did the dishes I heard water running and went to check it out. The sink was leaking. Ugh!!! Seriously?! Does everything have to fall apart at the one year mark after building a house? This is the second sink in months. Luckily it wasnt a big fix and Roman got to help. 

All work and no play….well its boring. So as I was making the bed and straightening up the room Roman grabbed his chair all the way in the living room and drug it into my bathroom. He has a thing for makeup. I dont mind. I think its cute, and anyone who thinks there’s a problem with a 2 1/2 year-old playing with makeup or moms shoes is ridiculous. What does bother me about it is that he completely WRECKS my eyeshadow, but its funny to see him with purple or blue streaks across his forehead and nose. Maybe I’ll get him a cheap eyeshadow palate for a stocking stuffer. 🙂