SO!!!!! I just got my new lens and couldn’t wait to play with it. All of the pictures above except the feet were taken with it, and it doesn’t show any of the abilities but I HAD to play. It’s an EF 50mm  f/1.8II, and I cant wait to go outside with it tomorrow. If it’s not raining we’ll be heading to Randsburg, CA. I have never been, so I’m really excited!

Trona, CA

I doubt many people know where Trona, CA is unless they’ve worked in the mine or live in Ridgecrest, but that’s where I headed this morning with dad to watch my niece and one of my nephews Christmas Recital.  As always, it was super cute. I love this picture because it shows each of their personalities. They are all so cute together.  Afterwards we visited my sisters grave. Lexi looks so much like her it’s like you still get to see her.  A little treat.