The rain theme continued today, which is fine by me since we don’t get much rain here. It makes me want to buy a pair of cute rain boots, but I would probably never get to use them. 

I was a little worried about what we were going to do today, I got most of my cleaning done yesterday, and my child does not like to stay inside. As I was worrying my inner voice spoke up and asked my why we couldn’t play outside. I had no good answer, so when Roman asked I gave the okay. He proceeded to bring out a couple of his tractors and scoop up mud. Something that is perfect for this weather I must admit.

The day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t sweep the mud puddle. 🙂 Unfortunately V wasnt too fond of the idea. For some reason he hates brooms and vacuums. Weird dog, but we love him.

I love being a mom, it brings me back to the easiness of life. It reminds me that there’s no reason not to play in the mud or sweep puddles.