Trucks, Cars, and Dinosaurs

Roman got an early Christmas present today from Sandi, his daycare provider and my best friend. He loves it! It’s a little remote control Ford truck, super cute! Fortunately and unfortunately it rained again today. I love the rain, and we desperately need it, but it’s not the easiest to play in when its winter. So we stayed inside and played with all of the trucks and cars, oh and two dinosaurs.

The colors are sooo saturated here when it rains, probably because it’s so dry being in the middle of the Mojave desert. I wish I was a better photographer or a little more creative. I wasnt sure what to take pictures of, so as I was walking around in the rain for some inspiration I found this old bench. I think I’ll take it home and fix it…maybe.

This picture was just for fun. Hey, I’m trying to find my artistic side. :). On a somewhat serious note, you may have noticed that I’m taking pictures of a lot of nothing. Not much has been going on, or I guess not much new, or maybe I’ve just hit a block. The other big reason for this is that its firkin hard to take pictures of toddlers that don’t sit still and HATE having their picture taken. A big objective of this was for me to get better at capturing my sons moments. Well….its poving to be hard! Its cold right now, so the pictures I do take are inside, and I have very YELLOW lighting, and I’m not sure what to do about it in processing….see I told you I dont¬†think I’m a professional ;). So….wish me luck, wish me cleverness, and wish me an imagination.