Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas with Sals family today since everyone was in town at the same time. This is Roman opening his first present this year. His Tia Nina got him amongst other things a green iron cast John Deer. He was hesitant to open anything else after he opened it because he was so in love with it.

This was later at my parents house. Can you see him contemplating whether or not he should pick up that rock and throw it at someone? Ahhhh….boys. We continued our tradition of opening a present on Christmas Eve. Roman got flashlights, in love again, if only he wouldn’t shine them in my eyes. Ugh.

Sal mom made a wonderful lunch and Sal and I made out like royalty with both our families today. We can’t thank everyone enough for putting so much effort into Christmas. It truly is about the memories.

I am so excited about tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll post tomorrow. I’ll definitely take pictures, but I’m expecting tomorrow to be very busy. Merry Christmas everyone!


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