The Burroughs alumni game was today at lunch and more people turned out than I thought would. It was a good game and as usual the old folk won!! Roman wants to play so bad. It was all we could do to get him to sit on the side lines. He had to get carried off the field a couple of times. Sal plays soccer three times a week and I should really take Roman out there so he can learn the etiquette but it’s so dang cold!

He did get to hang out during warm up and half time though. The guys are so good with him.

I’m sure he will play soccer when he’s older, its in the Ramirez blood. I looked into pee wee soccer, but because Ridgecrest is so small the youngest you can be is 5.

Unfortunately Sal didn’t score this year, but there is always the 5 Aside and the Alumni game next year.

Even with a bum knee he’s still beating the youngins to the ball.

This was the first year that Sal’s little brother Mark got to play on the winning side. He did really good!

I’m looking forward to next years game!