Blah Boo Blech

What a lackluster day. I couldn’t find inspiration to take a picture today, so this is what you get. Yeah…sorry about that, but at least I’m posting…right? This is from an old fishing net, that is currently hanging in the spare bedroom. I couldn’t take a decent picture today to save my life, and like a couple of photographers have told me “you can’t make a bad picture good” but this is 365 days of pictures so good or not I’m determined to post.  However, I have been reading a ton about composition, lighting, and camera settings. So not all is lost. I’ll get my mojo back tomorrow….I think that’s more of me pumping myself up than anything :).


Let me start of by clarifying why I created this watermark.  I have been thinking about it for a while now, ever since I put my first picture of the Phoenix up. Through WordPress I can see when someone takes my blog and “re-blog’s” it. That unfortunately happened with the Phoenix. I knew writing this blog would put myself out there for the world to see and possibly take, and while I was uneasy with it, I thought that no one would have interest in a no namers crappy pictures. While that still holds true, the protectiveness has come out. It may be my fault for exposing my family but I would still like to have control over what is published and shared. I created the watermark as a way to deter fake blogs from taking my stuff (I don’t think any credible blogs would). I in no way consider myself a photographer, and grappled with the “photography” on the end. While I am still uneasy with giving the impression to real photographers that I think I know what I’m doing by having a watermark, I hope that they understand, and don’t laugh so hard that water comes out of their nose.

On to the fun stuff! This picture was taken last night after playing in the mud. I am a HORRIBLE baker. I guess I didn’t get that gene from my Grandma…darn you!!!! It’s okay though, it’s still fun…kind of. My problem with baking is how everything has to be exact. Um yeah….Im more of a recipe tweaker. Needless to say the cookies are hard and a little tasteless. Like those ones you get in the giant tins with big sugar crystals on them. Oh well. The train picture was taken today, as well as the first one. The train turned out pretty good. Probably because I didn’t have to cook it, and Roman decorated it.

As you can tell I am still trying to get the hang of this prime lens and the low f-stop, and yes I am still in love.


The rain theme continued today, which is fine by me since we don’t get much rain here. It makes me want to buy a pair of cute rain boots, but I would probably never get to use them. 

I was a little worried about what we were going to do today, I got most of my cleaning done yesterday, and my child does not like to stay inside. As I was worrying my inner voice spoke up and asked my why we couldn’t play outside. I had no good answer, so when Roman asked I gave the okay. He proceeded to bring out a couple of his tractors and scoop up mud. Something that is perfect for this weather I must admit.

The day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t sweep the mud puddle. 🙂 Unfortunately V wasnt too fond of the idea. For some reason he hates brooms and vacuums. Weird dog, but we love him.

I love being a mom, it brings me back to the easiness of life. It reminds me that there’s no reason not to play in the mud or sweep puddles.

Playing in the Rain

Unfortunately but not unfortunately it rained all day so we didn’t get to go to Randsburg. Its okay though, I love the rain. It makes the colors so bright and it makes everything smell so good.

I did get to play with my new camera at the f/1.8 setting and wow is it hard. I took a ton of pictures that were blurry, but that’s okay. The prime lens will help me get better, so I welcome it. I’m still playing with all the stuff I’m learning. It’s not that I will apply it to all my pictures but I want to make sure what I learned sticks, so for now repeat, repeat, repeat.


SO!!!!! I just got my new lens and couldn’t wait to play with it. All of the pictures above except the feet were taken with it, and it doesn’t show any of the abilities but I HAD to play. It’s an EF 50mm  f/1.8II, and I cant wait to go outside with it tomorrow. If it’s not raining we’ll be heading to Randsburg, CA. I have never been, so I’m really excited!

Trona, CA

I doubt many people know where Trona, CA is unless they’ve worked in the mine or live in Ridgecrest, but that’s where I headed this morning with dad to watch my niece and one of my nephews Christmas Recital.  As always, it was super cute. I love this picture because it shows each of their personalities. They are all so cute together.  Afterwards we visited my sisters grave. Lexi looks so much like her it’s like you still get to see her.  A little treat.

Picking Out the Perfect Rock

It has been so nice out lately! Chilly in the morning but t-shirt weather in the afternoon. When the weather is perfect, the outdoors call! We got home and immediately started watering the cilantro and garlic growing in the rose beds. Then it was off to the dirt hill to shovel a hole. After that got boring it was on to picking out the perfect dirt clod to throw at the nothingness. Hey, better than at me.

This of course is the shovel that helped dig the hole that someone could sit in now. These two pictures were edited with the amazing techniques I’m learning in the skinny e-course. Yay! Highly recommend it. Its FREE!

The 1 Year Curse

What a weird day. I picked up Roman and went home. I started to do the little chores I do everyday, emptying the dishwasher, making the bed, wiping down the table and counter tops, all along with Roman and V by my side. After I did the dishes I heard water running and went to check it out. The sink was leaking. Ugh!!! Seriously?! Does everything have to fall apart at the one year mark after building a house? This is the second sink in months. Luckily it wasnt a big fix and Roman got to help. 

All work and no play….well its boring. So as I was making the bed and straightening up the room Roman grabbed his chair all the way in the living room and drug it into my bathroom. He has a thing for makeup. I dont mind. I think its cute, and anyone who thinks there’s a problem with a 2 1/2 year-old playing with makeup or moms shoes is ridiculous. What does bother me about it is that he completely WRECKS my eyeshadow, but its funny to see him with purple or blue streaks across his forehead and nose. Maybe I’ll get him a cheap eyeshadow palate for a stocking stuffer. 🙂

Gigi Round 3


I went to Fullerton today to get some more work on Gigi’s tattoo. I’m torn between wanting it to be done and wanting to keep working on it. It is obviously not done, but I’m sure if I could sit for longer we might have been by now. I was only able to sit for 3 hours today, not sure why. Probably not focusing right, my mind is all over the place. So I pulled my sissy card. Thankfully I have the best tattoo artist in the world who is so patient with me. I know I’ve said it before but it’s true. He’s got a client for life….if he’ll have me. Haha!

The Mini Gate

After work Roman and I set out to take a nature walk. Almost right behind us is this fence with a mini gate. What in the world?! Cracked me up! I should have had Roman stand next to it to get some perspective.

I also took pictures of the Creosote bushes or whatever they’re called. I love the way they smell when it rains but I have heard that people that aren’t from here think it smells horrible. It doesn’t matter I still love it.

Finally, Roman playing in the leaves, because that’s what kids do.

All of these pictures were part of my homework for my skinny e-course with Kim Klassen. I’m learning a lot. Can’t wait to learn better fundamentals to put it all to use.

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