Just For Fun

I love this picture because Roman’s poor face is all scratched up from falling earlier in the week, but as usual he doesn’t even notice. He’s all smiles as he’s tearing mama’s roses apart.

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Men and Angels….

Snow that is…

Hey, I never said we were artists. Well, maybe Roman, he added the “hair”. I think he kinda looks like Elvis.

This is my snow angel with Romans on the right. He wasnt too sure about laying down in the snow.

His second attempt. He did seem to enjoy eating it though.

We had sooo much fun today! The snow is supposed to return tonight and all of us in Ridgecrest welcome it.

The whole town closed down because we here is So. Cal. don’t know how to drive in snow. Including me. The base was still open, but my amazing boss approved my leave to go play in the snow. Unfortunately he’s talking about retiring, and I’m not looking forward to it. I feel like I have a lot to learn, and he’s got a lot to teach. Like finesse. By the way, I tried to have some today when I was bummed about going into work, didn’t work out so well, but compared to two years ago, it was marvelous. I’ll just keep trying.