As the time goes on and the days get shorter and my schedule changed its getting harder to take a picture. So I’ve been looking  online for some ideas. One idea was a self-portrait. While I’ve been in what seems like a ton of pictures I’ve only taken one self-portrait, and it was horrible.  I’m still trying to figure out how to get the focus to work when I’m not behind the camera. Any suggestions and tips would be awesome.

I didn’t do anything to these pictures except for adjust the color. I started to put textures and mess with other effects when Sal stopped me. It’s hard putting your face out there, but he was right. This is me. This is what I look like on a normal day, give or take a little.  I wear little to no make up, and straighten my hair….okay only the top. My hair is wavy/curly naturally but not in a put together way. I’ve been playing with the idea of writing about who I am, but I need time for that post. Maybe sometime this weekend. Oh, and I have another addition to the Phoenix coming up in the next week so stay tuned! Finally, a parting face. :)~