Monkey’s and Money

You’re probably wondering what the heck kind of title is “Monkey’s and Money”? Well, after I get done explaining it will all make sense I promise you. Hopefully, if my photography is improving at all the pictures should explain, but I’ll give you the back story. 

Let me start off by saying…. R.I.P. Monkey :(.  What you see above is an Elephant from the Santa Barbara Zoo. When I bought this soft little love for Roman (okay, more me than Roman) I caught some flak about it. Roman was soo in love with Monkey, he had NO interest in any other stuffed animal. About a month ago I dropped Roman off at daycare with Monkey, and at the end of the day when it was time to go to bed, we all realized Monkey was missing. EVERYONE searched high and low, and he was nowhere to be found. Luckily, I had thought, we had replacement monkey’s, but Roman wasnt buying it. Next plan; my parents bought another monkey that was closer in appearance to Monkey. He still wasnt buying it. He actually wasnt that upset about it either. I think I was more than anyone. I wanted to keep Monkey forever :(. He did however start hanging out with Elephant, it wasnt a lasting relationship though, and Elephant has been thrown by the wayside. Except when I pull him out from beneath the bed to hang out with us.

So, Elephant hung out while Roman and I did the bills today. Ugh. Who seriously likes doing bills? You show me that person, and I’ll show you a certificate for crazy! This is a letter from the Garbage company explaining why they forced us to have garbage and recycling whether we like it or not. We can’t elect not to have garbage cans and take our trash to the dump, we cant elect only to have a garbage can and not a recycling can. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for recycling; I’m just not for MANDATORY trash when I already pay for the dump in my property taxes. On top of that, my bill doubled. Doubled! Come on Ridgecrest, CA! Get it together!  Okay, that’s enough of my soap box, hehe:).