For the Fun of It.

Hello all! I hope everyone’s Monday was good. I feel much better after yesterdays rant. Every once in a while you just have to let it out you know? My feelings were deeply hurt and unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it, you got to experience it with me.  And I realized something today as I was thinking about my rant; I realized that I am keeping some of my resolutions. If you remember my post about my resolutions for this year, I said that I would find my line and not let anyone cross it, and that I have learned to stop defining myself by my relationships with others. Well I am doing just that, or at least trying to. So enough about that I just wanted to put some of my thoughts out there….again, hey that’s what a blog is for right?

Anyways, I was wondering what to do for today’s assignment, and decided to just start snapping pictures. Today isn’t a serious working on my skills day. It’s a day of play. Lots of playing with Photoshop, and lots of playing with props.