What???? Im Not a Libra Anymore???

So big news today! The zodiac signs have changed! There seemed to be an uproar on the web today about it. People wondering if their tattoo’s were wrong, and thinking they’ve been the wrong sign their whole life. As you can see I have the scales of justice tattooed on my right calf, but I wasnt too worried. Even if it did change what my “real” sign was. I’m a libra through and through. Even the parts that aren’t so much me I like and try to emulate. Dont get me wrong, I’ve never been huge into “you are what your sign says you are a type of person”. That would take away free will, or as my dad says “agency”. I feel that we decide who we are, not our sign, or our background, or other people. They may influence, but ultimately it’s us who decides who we want to be right?

Anyways, the zodiac didn’t really change and here’s why if you were worried.