Play Date

We had a play date today! Both intentional, and unintentional. My cousin and family came over today to fix my car, isn’t it great having a mechanic in the family? This is their middle child, and before you ask, I didn’t do anything to his eyes, in fact I just figured out how to keep one color when converting to black and white! There are three little munchkins running around with these beautiful baby blues. Lucky kids! 🙂

This is their oldest, still with the beautiful baby blues? You can tell he was happy to have his picture taken, ahaha!

Finally, the last and only little girl. Love her!

This is Tyrick, he was born a month before Roman and has had many play dates since then. He’s sooo freakin cute with the big brown eyes, and so well mannered. Love to give him hugs!

Today was a good day of cleaning house, play, and pictures!