Post For a Long Weekend

This weekend was full of fun!  Sal and I started out on Olvera Street, CA yesterday. Basically it’s little Mexico.  The street isn’t that long but it’s full of history. The oldest house in Los Angeles is actually on Olvera Street. Apparently there is some movement to tear it down. I hope it doesn’t happen. I don’t understand why we have to tear down something so beautiful and historical to make room for something new. I took a ton of pictures but I’m only going to put up a few. Enjoy.

After Olvera Street we headed to our hotel and relaxed for a little bit before the USA vs Chile game. The game was at the Home Depot Stadium. The stadium was great! I don’t think that you could get a bad seat in there. The game was a ton of fun with USA and Chile tieing.  It went by so fast that I wanted it to keep going :). So far Hockey and Soccer are my favorite sports to watch live.

Since I don’t want to cheat, here’s a fast picture that I took of the sunset on the way home. It’s not anything special but I HAD to have a picture for today. I hope everyone’s weekend was as good as mine!