Cowboys and Grandsons

Grandpa came over today to give Roman a wrist watch he got when he retired. It’s always nice when Grandpa stops by. I’m sure I have talked about it before but Grandpa and Roman are best friends. Out of Grandpa’s kids, we are all girls, and out of all our kids, they are all girls except….Roman. Yep. Now that doesn’t mean that Roman is his favorite, he’s just his favorite boy. Lately though Grandpa has been requesting a girl. And frankly that scares me. Grandpa already spoils Roman, and I can only imagine our little girl getting spoiled like only a grandpa can spoil his little granddaughter. 🙂

It has and is really important to me that Grandpa and Roman have a strong bond, and so far I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Heck, Roman wants to hang out with Grandpa more than he does us. This summer will probably be the beginning to a lot of fishing memories for Roman and Grandpa, and I’ll be there with camera in hand.