Isabella’s Birthday

We celebrated this pretty little girls birthday on Saturday. Her name is Isabella, but everyone calls her Isa. She’s Sal’s Goddaughter, and she is the sweetest cutest little girl ever! She, and her parents live in Carlsbad, CA so we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we would like. Though, it does give us a good reason to go to the beach! The whole time we are driving there, I hate it, but once we are there and see the family and explore the San Diego area, it’s completely worth it.

I can’t quiet figure out how to get the color cast out completely and I don’t shoot in RAW so I cant do it manually. Maybe I should upgrade to Photoshop or Lightroom and figure it out huh? Any suggestions or favorites for what program to get?

We brought a pinata that Sal got for his birthday that we never broke into. The kids had a blast breaking it open.

The newest addition to the Ramirez family is above. Her name is Juliana and she is the cutest sweetest thing I have ever seen. Okay, they are all cute! Love them to bits!

Legoland Aquarium

We headed down to Carlsbad on Friday to check out the Legoland Aquarium.  Roman is really into sharks and whales right now, and we were going to be there anyway for his cousin’s birthday, so we decided to make a trip out of it.

It took us about 2 hours to make it through. It would have taken longer, but Roman was running from one room to the next with excitement. They have these cool little bubble things where you can actually look at the fish from the middle of the tank. Loved it!

We didn’t notice the “Do Not Climb” sign. Haha. Were rebels!

Sal pointed this sign out to me. I wish!!!

They even have little “tide pools” where you can hold star fish and sea cucumbers. We had a ton of fun! We have another trip planned next month to a different destination. Not sure if he will remember all of this stuff, but its worth it when he’s having a good time :D!

Sweet Boys

A couple of days ago I sent Sal and Roman to the store to get something for the Carne Asada and they came back with these beauties. Apparently Sal was already out of the store when Roman started crying because he wanted to get Momma some flowfers. Awww…what a sweetie. He runs in saying I got you flowfers Momma. I love this boy! Lately he has been picking flowfers from our weed jungle with a wrench and giving them to me. Hey, I’ll take them any way I can. 😀

We’re off on an adventure tomorrow and Saturday, so I wont be seeing you till Sunday at the earliest. Have a good weekend everyone!

Weed Jungle

So I stayed home from work today because Roman’s nanny was sick. It was a little cold but it was nice outside. So we went outside and played. On one side of the house we have a weed jungle! Its huge!!!

Roman played with his first ladybug of the season!

Romans first bumblebee!

Are You Effing Kidding Me?

I finished the first week of my second term today. At the end of each week a test with essay and multiple choice answers is due.  This didnt seems like a problem last term. Maybe because the classes were pretty easy. Case Law and Intro to the school.  This term however is no joke! I have 6 chapters (more than 300 pages) to read and test on by next Tuesday, and that’s only 1 class! The other class has 2 chapters thank goodness! I think my construction teacher guy is off his rocker! Be forwarned that I may not get a chance to visit your blogs 😦 as frequently or respond as soon as I usually do. This school thing is really getting in the way of everything fun in my life… Ugh. But….Im almost done!!!!!!!!! Plus, who am I kidding I actually love school. Im nerdy like that. 😉

Can We Keep Them Alive?

We had an event Monday morning. While I was sleeping (we switch mornings) and Sal was preoccupied Roman reached in a drawer and grabbed a carving knife.  When Sal came into the living room he noticed that Roman was kind of sulking all huddled up in the covers on the couch.  He asked him what happened and Roman told him he cut himself.  The cut was more like a paper cut or tiny scratch.  He had already put the knife back so it didn’t really set in yet.  While Sal was putting away the dishes V walked by with this wound you see above.  Only, at the time it hadn’t been superglued yet and was a little bloody.  I woke up to Sal frantically asking Roman what happened. He showed Sal the knife and said he cut V. 

Now you have the back story, I’ll tell you what was running through my head.  Roman stabbed the dog and V didn’t make a peep, how’s that for you pitbull haters?! Roman stabbed the dog!! OMG!  Oh, thank God he didn’t hurt himself worse! What if V would have reacted?! Is my child going to be a sociopath someday? Do I need to start worrying about Roman trying to kill me in his sleep later on? Is this normal?

At first I didn’t want to tell anyone, not a soul, but I had too. I asked a couple of people and they all assured me that it was normal for little rugrats to do weird things. OK if you say so…  I asked a psychologist today and he assured me it is okay. Roman is apparently learning the relationship between cause and effect. Still scary though! After talking to Roman the whole day about it and making both miserable, I finally thought everything is going to be okay.  He knew he had done something wrong, and had expressed remorse before I even talked to him about it. Still…Im not sure how much more I (or V) can take of this kid growing up :)!

On another note, I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life. It’s not because I don’t water them, it’s because I water them too much! Im afraid they will die of dehydration or something. My mom gave me this Jade plant and said I could drown it and it wont die. We will see about that….

Whiskey Flat Days

Every year there’s a little festival in Kernville, CA called Whiskey Flat Days.  It’s a festival that reverts to the day’s of gold mining.  A lot of people are dressed up representing the era, and there are small booth’s of trinkets as well as food everywhere. They also have a small rodeo and tons of stuff for kids. I havent been for a while and it had been even longer for Sal. We had a small break in the weather today so we headed out of town. Doesnt it suck when you have a four day weekend and the weather just doesn’t cooperate?! Oh well, we made the best of it.

Unfortunately we didn’t stay for long. It was cold and windy when we got there and Roman doesn’t do well in either. He’s a desert rat for sure. So we got a couple of tri-tip sandwiches and some home-made soap and headed back.  On our way back though we stopped in Onyx, CA which is tiny! They have an awesome little general store though that I used to stop at all the time when I was little and get some home-made pickles. I got one today and it was yummy!

I wanted to take pictures of the inside of the store but unfortunately they had a sign that explicitly said to pictures inside. Too bad, it was sooo cute inside with a little wood burning stove and copper posts everywhere.

Our next stop was the Cottage Grove Cemetery. I have a thing for cemeteries. I don’t know why, I just do. 

All in all it was a pretty good day. I’m pretty tired though and have some reading to do for school so I bid you goodnight!

Flying High

I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of days but I have good reasons! I had little fingerprints on the mirrors on the inside of the camera body from the rugrat you see above.  Kids are quick I tell you. So I had to part with the camera to have it cleaned. Yes, I have other camera’s, but I really kind of wanted a little break. :).

Do you remember being little and having your Dad or Mom throw you in the air like this? I loved, loved, loved it! I can’t get Roman as high as Sal, but he doesn’t seem to care who throws him, as long as he’s flying. Sal had to move over a little because Roman was about to touch the fan. We have 20 foot vaulted ceilings, if that gives you any idea of how high he is :)!

Roman’s dimple is so cute! He got that from his Daddy lucky boy!

I plan on getting back to everyone and commenting on my usual blogs soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!

Perfect Accidents

I decided to get out the tripod and play with shutter speed today. Since I’m just a beginner and I have seen this tutorial everywhere I decided I should try it out. I quickly decided that the slow shutter speed with the faucet didn’t have the same feel as a running river :). So I tried a ton of fast shutter speed photo’s. Ones with plates, ones with tinfoil, ones with food coloring, and when nothing was turning out quiet right and I was putting everything away, I decided to snap a couple more. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment.

When I turned my camera sideways I got these lovely little photos. The green cast is from my flash going through the Dawn dish soap. I also like the simplicity of the stainless steel sink and the clear martini glass.

On another note, thank you for all of your well wishes. I am starting to feel like my old self again. I’m not going running anytime soon, but I can make it through a normal day! Yay!

King of Hearts

Today is Valentine’s Day! A day of love, or a day that rubs the fact that you’re single in your face. Some people love this holiday, other people think it’s a Hallmark holiday. I’m in the middle. I think we should take the time every day to show that special someone you care.  The majority of households have both parents working now, and schedules are jammed packed for the kids, so it’s easy to lose sight of the other person in the relationship, and while I think it should be an everyday thing, I think it’s a nice reminder to slow down and tell that special someone how you feel. 

On to another story… Every Valentines schools usually have a dance. Some call it Sadie Hawkins; others (like ours) call it King of Hearts.  Instead of choosing a queen or princess, a king is chosen.  Way back in the day when Sal was a senior in High School and I was a sophomore I had a crush on him.  However we didnt get to know eachother until 2006 I digress though, Sal was voted King for the King of Hearts dance back then and it still makes me smile now. He has the picture from the dance with all the guys in it, and I love looking at it. They were all so young, but didn’t know it. I should have scanned it in, but I’m still under the weather, cough, cough. Okay, I’ve never tried to scan anything on my printer yet, so I’ll have to work on that.

Roman got a couple presents (like he needs anymore), but I always loved getting something from my parents when I was younger. As you can see he brought some of his toys to the party to help make something for Daddy when he was at school. I started playing with the setting and this was taken in Monochrome. I kind of like it.

Valentines is for friends too. A dear friend of mine, Kari, made me home-made chicken soup today when she found out I was sick. It makes me smile from ear to ear to know I have people surrounding me that care so much about me! Thank you Kari! I hope everyone enjoyed your Valentines as much as I did, and if you’re in that lonely heart club, no worries! Go with the line that it’s a holiday made by Hallmark :)!

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