Bowling = Excitement

We took Roman bowling for the first time tonight, complete with ramp and bumpers. We had a ton of fun, and I’m pretty sure he beat us.

The suspense it killing us…

Some fun with Photoshop. You can see his ball down at the end. Wish I would have had a deeper depth of field, but it still turned out okay.

It’s weird how the little things, like taking Roman bowling for the first time, is what constitutes excitement for me now days. I used to live for the next big excitement, like a big party or the last-minute road trip or driving too fast, etc. Now instead of a few and far between big exciting things happening, I live through Romans excitement. I love that he can be so excited to play with a remote to the PS3 for hours or bubbles. I think maybe its our turn as parents to live through them for a while. Our children appreciate it and our bodies appreciate it. Dont get me wrong. I miss doing something that gets my adrenaline going and there’s nothing wrong with doing something for yourself but I think my perception of what excitement is has changed. I’ll go on a cruise or go to another country now instead of driving down the street at 120 mph.

Maybe its a little bit too soon to be playing these games, but I love the reflection.