A Walk With Familiar Faces.

After finishing up homework today and while Sal was watching the Super Bowl, I headed out to take a nature walk and try to catch the sunset.  Unfortunately I was a little late for the sunset but still managed to get some good light.  David Williams recently told me that good light is still available after the magic hours. I set out to see if he was right, and guess what? He was :).  I took a walk behind the Community College here that is built among the many hills that surround this wonderful little town.  I took one of the paths on Rademacher Hills Trail and started my little journey. I grew up in this Valley and have hiked, rode, driven, and jogged these trails.  The fauna and flora that decorate these hills are little jewels in disguise.  How many of us pay attention to the plants we see everyday? I know I didn’t before I started this project, but since I learn from my mistakes I do now.  An ordinary walk turned into an extraordinary walk with some familiar faces :).   

I took this picture using the flash on my camera (ich). The nice thing though is that you can see the little bit of sunset that hung around after the sun went down.