Who Is Fat Face?

I am super sick right now, and havent gotten out of bed except to take a shower and yell at people. I’m not the happiest when I’m sick. I’ll apologize when I’m feeling better ;).  I think I’m out of the woods though. My fever broke at 103.2 last night. Needless to say I’m not taking a picture, but I will explain who Fat Face is…or was.  The picture above was when he was almost a year old and had lost the CHUBBY cheeks almost.

There are a ton more pictures and a lot of video, but they are scattered about. Most of the one’s from when he was a baby are on my other computer but no worries! I printed most of them out, and they are saved to a couple of different online picture places, but I’m to exhausted to go any further than whats at my fingertips right now.

Roman had these huge, and I mean HUGE cheeks when he was a baby. They were wider than his shoulders at one point. It was hilarious. One of my dear friends Misty actually coined the term Fat Face, and it just stuck. I’ve been criticized for still calling him that, but ever time I call him that, this is what I remember.  My baby baby boy. Besides, he’s kind of grown out of the name on his own, and Im sure there will be another nick name for him soon enough.