Whiskey Flat Days

Every year there’s a little festival in Kernville, CA called Whiskey Flat Days.  It’s a festival that reverts to the day’s of gold mining.  A lot of people are dressed up representing the era, and there are small booth’s of trinkets as well as food everywhere. They also have a small rodeo and tons of stuff for kids. I havent been for a while and it had been even longer for Sal. We had a small break in the weather today so we headed out of town. Doesnt it suck when you have a four day weekend and the weather just doesn’t cooperate?! Oh well, we made the best of it.

Unfortunately we didn’t stay for long. It was cold and windy when we got there and Roman doesn’t do well in either. He’s a desert rat for sure. So we got a couple of tri-tip sandwiches and some home-made soap and headed back.  On our way back though we stopped in Onyx, CA which is tiny! They have an awesome little general store though that I used to stop at all the time when I was little and get some home-made pickles. I got one today and it was yummy!

I wanted to take pictures of the inside of the store but unfortunately they had a sign that explicitly said to pictures inside. Too bad, it was sooo cute inside with a little wood burning stove and copper posts everywhere.

Our next stop was the Cottage Grove Cemetery. I have a thing for cemeteries. I don’t know why, I just do. 

All in all it was a pretty good day. I’m pretty tired though and have some reading to do for school so I bid you goodnight!