How freaking awesome is the processing on this picture? I love it! Thanks to presets :)!¬† What a beautiful day in sunny Southern California! I’m not even sure how hot it was! It was definitely hot enough to go swimming in the blow up dragon/volcano pool we have. ūüôā So the title of todays post has multiple meanings. One of them have to do with the rug rat you see above.¬† The pool that was previously mentioned has a dragon on it. You have to go through his legs to go down the little slide. Roman for some reason is terrified of it. He has never let us blow it up, let alone get near it. For the last year he asks “what is dragon doing” when we go in the garage, which is quiet a bit.¬† So weird because he loves the movie How to Train Your Dragon but he’s not having any of this one! But…today he actually let us blow up the pool and the majority of the dragon (not the head). He even went through the legs, as long as we were standing right there :). Growing up so fast, but still so little. I love it!!!

Another preset that I’m in love with! On to the remaining milestones.¬† One and a half were reached today! First…I got a promotion! Freakin¬†soooooo excited! I have the best boss ever, and am so thankful to have had him! Its great when the big guy takes care of his employee’s! I officially feel like I’m a big kid at Journeyman Level! Thank you!!!

The half…I picked up my diploma for my Associates of¬†Business Administration! I finished back in December, but just now got the diploma :). Trying to decide if I’ll “walk”. I wont for my B.S. because it’s all the way in Alabama, so…. Yeah, not sure yet. I’ll figure it out.¬† What an amazing Monday! I plan on carrying on the momentum for the rest of the week :)).


Is it Nothing or is it Something?

A photo of nothing…ahhh but it is. I got the chance to sit down with Jake for a couple of hours¬†today and learn a lot about everything photo related. I learned so much I wouldn’t¬†even know where to begin. LR3 is starting to become clearer, I know how to properly import and export my photo’s. I understand metering better, I know shortcuts….and the list goes on and on! I needed some photo’s on my card in RAW to practice while I was there, and this is a little of what I took and how they came out after I learned a little about tweaking them. So excited!!!!!!! Its limitless what you can do with the right tools!¬†

Just Photo’s

The Pressure Is Off

Funny thing….now that I don’t¬†feel like I have to post, I’m¬†looking forward to it again. I’m¬†not so stressed about it. I don’t¬†worry all day about what I’m¬†going to take a picture of. I’m¬†letting it come to me again. I feel like picking up my camera and traipsing¬†about for my own enjoyment. Weird, because I’m¬†that person who does some of my best work under pressure. Or at least I like to think I do. So I went out today and took pictures of nothing…and LOVED it!!! Dont get me wrong, I always love taking pictures, but I felt freedom again. Free to take crappy pictures, free to take no pictures, free to take pictures of stuff only I would probably like. I’m not trying to take pictures for anyone else, just me.

Here’s a fun picture. One day about a month ago, Roman and I were coloring the driveway with chalk. I wasnt paying attention at some point obviously, and when it was time to go inside what did my eyes see???? This amazing contemporary art piece by Roman Dean himself!!! Not sure how to get chalk off of stucco without destroying it, so it stayed. I’m¬†really not to concerned with it to tell you the truth, and when its a bit warmer outside I’ll try to wash it off.

This is a picture of the Nectarine tree we planted in the back yard of my parents house shortly after we lost Gigi. It was dedicated in remembrance of her by our family.  Last year it had an amazing yield of Nectarines, but I think this year is going to be a little slower. It seems that every other year is an off-year for fruit trees here.  We call the fruit Gigi fruit, and the flowers before the fruit are so pretty! My dad trimmed her up this year and replanted all the little branches and they are taking off. We plan on planting a bunch of them in our yard this spring :).

My moms best friend is visiting from Alaska right now and they asked me to take their picture. I have to say this is probably one of the best pictures I have ever seen of my mom, and it’s not¬†because I took it (even though it’s not¬†bad if I do say so myself). It’s because¬†she’s really¬†smiling! She’s not faking it! Love it! Anyways, I’m off to bed! See you all when I see you ;).

Roman’s Photo’s

I’ve been promising to download photo’s from Roman’s camera, and without further ado….

K….so I took a couple of these but he’s so darn cute.

He got my good side ūüôā

Nice perspective…

This picture is crazy. Not sure what the floaties are.

Another weird one.

I think that’s Sal. Lol! Well there you have it. Off to do some homework!!!

Juju’s Birthday

It was this little cuties Birthday and Baptism party on Saturday. This is our niece Juju. Full name not to be disclosed ;). I can’t believe that she’s already 1. How time flies!

We baptised Roman when he turned 1, but it was nothing like this party! Nobody ever tells me nothin!!! That’s a George Lopez reference f.y.i. :). They had a pinata, a taco truck, bolo, music, everything! I’m taking notes you guys!!! Next time!¬†

This is the lil¬†miss with her Nina. So cute! There were so many photo’s to choose from! LR3¬†is getting a little easier for me. I plan on ordering a book soon to really¬†get the hang of it, but I’ve¬†already cut my basic editing time down drastically. While I think the 365 plan is long gone by now, I do plan on posting at least a couple of times¬†a week. It’s really important for me to chronicle a year of our life, but doing it everyday is stretching me a little thin. And the reality of it is that I’m¬†doing this for Roman, but if its taking away from Roman, or adding another hour to my schedule at night that I don’t get to sleep (making me a grouch in the morning) it’s not worth it everyday.¬†

I was feeling pretty guilty about it for a while as you guys know, but I think I’m¬†at ease with posting every other day instead of every day.¬† Priorities right?¬† Thank you every one for assuring me that whatever I choose is okay! I’m glad I have met you all, and look forward to sticking around and progressing with every one, but being way less stressed! Ill leave you with this lovely little face that makes me smile from ear to ear!

RAW and Lightroom 3….What Was I Thinking?

I must be crazy. I have a ton of homework, tons of stuff to do….but what do I do? I decide I’m¬†going to shoot in RAW and download LR3. Bahahaha! I have absolutely no idea what I’m¬†doing (whats new though right?) and I don’t care.

This is my first attempt in LR3. From what I’ve¬†heard, LR is supposed to be quick and easy. I’m on the learning curve rollercoaster right now, because it was not. What it WAS, was FUN!

Roman has had a little cut on his thumb for about a week now. At first we couldn’t¬†get him to wear a band-aid for anything. Luckily Sal had cut himself around the same time and was wearing one too. But now….now, we can’t¬†get him to NOT wear it. He saw these nifty Cars band-aids about a week ago, and they are almost gone. I should invest in Band-Aid. By the way…he calls his owies “hurts”. “Mom can I have a cars for my hurt?”. I now officially speak 2 languages :).

Some photo’s from my walk outside today.

If anyone can point me to some good tutorials for LR I would appreciate it much! And….I still havent downloaded the photo’s off of Romans little camera. Some day…. Lol!¬† Oh yeah, what kind of computer do you guys use for editing. I think my handy old laptop is on its last leg :(. I don’t¬†think that it was built for all the photo’s I’ve put on it.

Photo Shoot

I had my photo shoot today with the talented Visital.  I won a contest for best tattoo back in January, but because of both of our busy schedules we took awhile to get to it.  It was well worth the wait! Look at this beautiful photo!!

I know these aren’t¬†technically my photos, they are photos! By the way, I have taken pictures the last the couple day’s on Romans little¬†camera, but I havent gotten around to downloading them.¬† There’s probably 5 that are in focus or exposed so you can actually see something, and probably 200 that are completely¬†out of focus, can’t see anything. I should really get LR.

Thank you Brian!!!! I had an amazing time, and cant wait to do it again soon!!! Check out the website people!

Tyrick’s Birthday

Ahhhh, Ty’s turning 3!!! These kids are growing up way to fast!! It makes me sad :(.

I love going to Ty’s parties! His Nana cooks the best food, and it’s always so non stressful. Nothing like Roman’s parties. Haha!

These two were once again thick as thieves! I loved it! They played for 3 straight hours, leaving a trail of destruction behind them :).

Lefty or Righty???

As we were strolling through Wal-Mart today, Roman picked up a baseball helmet and bat. He was sooo¬†cute standing there in the oversized hat and holding a bat that was way too big for him, so we HAD¬† to buy him a t-ball stand, bat, and ball. It came as a little package and he couldn’t wait to get home and try it out!

As you can see, he’s batting with his left.¬† We have never showed him how to hold a bat, or how to swing, he just did it. I was amazed at how natural he looked while swinging. I’m¬†sure all parents think their kids are amazing, but he truly¬†is! ūüėÄ We’ve been waiting to see if he’s going to be a lefty or a righty, but he switches¬†all the time so we still don’t know. I guess time will tell….

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