Dress Up

I love it when Roman wears my shoes! Or clothes, or anything that’s 10 sizes to big for him. It cracks me up! He’s been sliding around the house in these for the last hour with this little smirk on his face. Children are such soul savers. He makes me laugh when I feel like I’m sinking into LIFE.  Unfortunately I think we hit the terrible 2’s. Even though he’s almost 3, he hasn’t really the melt downs or attitude I heard so much about until lately. I’m not quiet sure what to do about it. I’m trying the Positive Parenting approach, but I’m not sure its right for him. He’s so smart, and I think he’s like a dog. He smells fear and he attacks! This is the first child I’ve even ever been around. I’m sure there will be many mess ups, since he’s my test child basically. I just hope I can figure it out along the way without screwing him up too bad. Haha!

On another note, we have a trip planned for the 19th, so hopefully I’ll get some cool pictures then. I really want to go take some landscape and nature photographs, but it seems impossible with everything.  Ill figure it out :). And….I have a photoshoot coming up in the next couple weeks too. I won a contest for best tattoo (check Gigi’s Phoenix out here) with the photoshoot as the prize. I’m sure the photographer wont mind if I link him or put a picture in the blog, so look out for that too. I’m really excited! I havent taken pictures by myself in a long time. I havent been in professional photo’s by myself since I graduated. This means tons of fun girly stuff like make up, nails, hair, the works!!! Shopping and pampering here I come!