Monkey #2

What a day. I am beat. So is he…

I worked as usual, and hard. My boss will be happy to read that :D.  After Sal got home I ran to Jake’s office to pick up a flash to use for a special little girls 1st birthday.  He’s also selling it. So if I can figure it out… :).  He showed me a ton about all things photography and you can hear the excitement in his voice as he was explaining it to me.  We talked about Lightroom and Photoshop, sRGB vs Adobe RGB, custom white balance, flash’s, resizing, storing, etc. Learned a ton in about an hour. Best class I’ve ever had. Pretty impressive for not really being a class. I’m pretty sure he does it because he loves it. Ahhh…if we could all be so lucky. I also finished homework. Yuck. But it’s all good.

Ahhh time to watch some t.v. and relax. Here is the before picture taken with the flash :).

Ahhhh…..such soft light in a completely dark room.