RAW and Lightroom 3….What Was I Thinking?

I must be crazy. I have a ton of homework, tons of stuff to do….but what do I do? I decide I’m going to shoot in RAW and download LR3. Bahahaha! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing (whats new though right?) and I don’t care.

This is my first attempt in LR3. From what I’ve heard, LR is supposed to be quick and easy. I’m on the learning curve rollercoaster right now, because it was not. What it WAS, was FUN!

Roman has had a little cut on his thumb for about a week now. At first we couldn’t get him to wear a band-aid for anything. Luckily Sal had cut himself around the same time and was wearing one too. But now….now, we can’t get him to NOT wear it. He saw these nifty Cars band-aids about a week ago, and they are almost gone. I should invest in Band-Aid. By the way…he calls his owies “hurts”. “Mom can I have a cars for my hurt?”. I now officially speak 2 languages :).

Some photo’s from my walk outside today.

If anyone can point me to some good tutorials for LR I would appreciate it much! And….I still havent downloaded the photo’s off of Romans little camera. Some day…. Lol!  Oh yeah, what kind of computer do you guys use for editing. I think my handy old laptop is on its last leg :(. I don’t think that it was built for all the photo’s I’ve put on it.