Bye Bye!!!

Today was our Nanny’s last day. I have to say that I will miss her as much if not more than Roman! Jenny is a student at BYU-Idaho and was home between semesters…if that’s what you call them. They have a weird schedule. Anyways, were already coordinating our schedules so when she come’s home next time she can watch Roman!

She was amazing with Roman. She was always 100% for him.  She took him to the park almost every day. If the weather was bad she would make crafts with him. She made home-made play dough with him. Painted a little frog out of paper plates, make an indian hat and hand turkey with him… and the list goes on. She took him to Wal-Mart today to let him pick a birthday present since she wont be here, took him to the park, and finally Baskin Robins. Seriously LOVE this girl. The icing on top? I would get home and most day’s she would empty the dishwasher and load it again! We are all going to miss you TONS! See you soon.