First Day of School

Roman’s first day of school was last Monday. I know I’m a little late posting but I’ll get to the reason in a bit. For now lets chat about school….

Before the first day of school, we had talked to Roman about it. We told him about all the friends he would make, and all the playing he would do. He was excited! He was out the door before we were with his lunch box in hand.

He was in the Navigator ready to go!

Ahhh….and here he is with his Dad.  But wait….what is that you see???? Is that a half-smile half frown???

Awww…..there it is. The fear, the trepidation, the uncertainty!!! Yep. You can follow the emotions through the pictures. See, I’m not sure we explained that we would be back. Yeah, I left that part out as I was pumping up school.

Anyways, we walked him in. He sat down at a table and started playing a game with locks and keys. We talked to the teacher, said our goodbye’s and we were off. But there was still this uneasy feeling in my stomach. I kept telling everyone that I was probably more worried about it than him.  Ahhhhh…..but Momma knows best.  When I went to pick him up Roman and his teacher were sitting in the lobby waiting for me. I must have stopped dead in my tracks and looked like I got hit by a semi, because the teacher calmly told me that “Roman had a rough day”. Uh huh. So I said “what happened?”  The teacher then informed me that he started crying at 10:30 and it lasted for about 45 min. My heart sank. I asked Roman what was wrong when he told me “I’m mad at you Mamma”. I asked why and the reply was “because you went to work”.  SHATTER- My heart broke. I held back my tears as I told him it was okay and that I would always come and get him.

The rest of the week went the same way. Except there was hiding in the morning, yelling, and crying.  I couldn’t keep it together at work. My concentration was blown. I couldn’t eat (which shows on the scale now), I was crying off and on. Basically a hot mess. Not a good look.

This week however, has been much better. He still hesitates in the morning but hasn’t cried once. My mind and heart are right again. Which I’m sure my boss appreciates. 

So on to the other reasons I havent posted for a while (like that’s not enough or something!). Well here goes…my cousin is staying the summer with us. It’s a little hard adjusting to a 17-year-old living in the house and on the computer. Our new puppy is really sick. He’s eating dirt apparently and is currently sleeping at the vets. Sal went to Mexico (check the next blog). I had finals (two A’s). And hell…life was happening.

Well I know that this has been a long blog, and if you’re still reading….THANK YOU!!!




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  1. Christina
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 22:05:47

    Aww…poor boy. He is so handsome though! I guess I just ignored my kids enough because they never had a problem with school (or maybe they were happy for the much-needed break from me!) Keep your chin up girl, the babies love their momma no matter what! ❤


  2. Journey Photographic
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 05:48:41

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on – hang in there!


  3. Photo By Holly
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 14:25:16

    Poor little guy! I completely understand the heartbreak of a Mama – I got a little choked up reading about poor Roman crying… 😦 I worry about my little guy starting school (although it won’t be until Fall of 2012) – he’s pretty attached to me, a lot more so than my older son. He will figure out that school is fun, and he will make some great friends! I don’t know if Roman likes the “Wonderpets”, but they have a great book about a baby blow fish starting school – maybe it might help? Good luck!! I know about life getting busy, sounds like you’ve got your hands full right now!


  4. Mike Moruzi
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 16:31:52

    But the traumas we put them through make them stronger, right? Our roughest days were when we put our first one into day care the day after we moved to Melbourne (Australia). Whole new country, she didn’t know a soul but us and we left her in a daycare. Harsh. Our younger one started grade 1 this year, new city (Edmonton this time), new school, no friends. Cried every day, called for me as I tried to leave her classroom, hugged me and wouldn’t let go. It only lasted for the first week (or was it two weeks?). Both recovered from their traumas though and now love school more than holidays.


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