R.I.P. Cheech

Well I had mentioned that Cheech was sick and at the Vet’s. I went to pick him up today when a chat with the vet revealed an issue. He had a shunt. The short version is that his blood wasnt being filtered properly so it was poisoning him.  He wasnt living a very fulfilling life.  And while we were talking about what to do, Roman crawled in the kennel with him and put his hand on Cheech’s forehead and hit it with the other hand. He said “Cheech is all better”. I was a little mortified and smiling at the same time. I didn’t know we had a faith healer in the family until tonight. Roman has pulled us through so many dark times. He is seriously the reason were functioning as well as we are. To what level can be argued though :).

The photo above was from a couple of weekends ago when we went fishing. He didn’t like the water and this was him hesitating on the bridge.

Our time with Cheech was too short and sick. We will miss him a very much, but I know all dogs go to heaven and we’ll see him on the other side.


Sal went to Mexico last weekend for a quinceanera. He hadn’t been in about 16 years so he was way overdue. Since I didn’t go and can’t report first hand, I’ll post some photo’s with the explanation-ish. Lol!

This is Sal’s Godfather Miguel. He lives in Mexico so he doesnt get to see him that often. Im glad they got to catch up.

This is Sal’s Grandpa. He’s not with us anymore, but the family say’s that Roman looks a lot like him. They both have blue eyes which he didn’t get from me or Sal. I think it’s from Grandpa Ramirez (above) and Grandma Kirkpatrick.


This is an old church with huge doors. Sal was impressed with them, and even though I just get to see them in the picture, so am I.

This was inside the church. It’s so old!! 1716 and still amazing!

This little girl is inside the church. The story behind her is that she wanted to get baptized but her parents wouldn’t let her do it. The father of the church did it anyways to her parents dismay. Her parents killed her for it so the church embalmed her.

What the hell!!!!  Who could do that to their kid???  Crazy ass ppl!

These statues are great aren’t they? The bottom is the snake, the top is the bird. I think it’s an interpretation of the Mexican flag. But maybe that’s just me!

There was a circus coming into town and this was out front of Sal’s Grandma’s house. It looks blind in one eye.  Sad but beautiful.

All the boys!!!

The trip sounded like an amazing time and I look forward to going someday. I think one of the coolest things that Sal said though was that he saw everything through my eyes because I told him to take pictures. He saw the detail, he saw the color, he saw the beauty!