A House is Becoming a Home

Okay so today’s post isn’t all that exciting for you, but for me it’s awesome. I got my Christmas present from my parents today (it was on back order). It’s a gorgeous red rug! My kitchen and living room connect and its decorated in deep browns and reds. I’m planning on throwing in some purples and greens, but hey, when you’re just starting out the decorating part can take a while. We built this house a little over a year now, and it feels like it’s just starting to come together. I’m hesitant to hang anything on the wall, but have managed to hang the pictures taken this summer by Jake Easley and the one’s I showed you earlier in this post. By the way, if you’re a fan of, Jake won the weekly challenge for Vroom, Vroom last year, and I’m lucky enough to have him living in my little town. I digress, back to the rug. Our living room tends to echo because of the high ceilings and a lack of furniture. Maybe now it will feel a little more like a home.


So Long 2010…Hello 2011

This is the third year that we have taken this picture. My mom kept her tree up because we forgot to do it on Christmas. Thank you!

Wow, I can’t say that I’m sad to see 2010 go. While there were some high points, 2010 was pretty rough. I think for the majority of 2010 I was a hot mess. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, like everything else in life, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So you may be calling B.S. on that theory right now, and without going into exactly why 2010 was so crappy, I will tell you what I gained from it.

2010 forced me to do a lot of soul-searching and reflecting. I realized that I have become more patient and forgiving than I have ever been. While this would usually be a good thing, I feel like I may have missed the mark and crossed over to being TOO much of a pushover. I have realized that being driven and goal orientated is a good thing and that I really can do anything I set my mind to, even if it takes a hundred years. I have realized that I shouldnt define myself by relationships with others and instead need to value that light that makes me me. These are the internal personal realizations I have come to. While that’s all fine and dandy its always nice to head into the new year with goals from 2010 accomplished. So…I finished more than half my degree and only have about ten months left to finish it all. I have lost 17 pounds and am able to run for more than a city block! Yay me!

If you’re still reading you may be wondering what I have planned for 2011. Well…I plan to assert myself more, but to do it with finesse. I used to hate the fact that I was sooo outspoken and have managed to settle down a lot, but I havent figured out how to handle difficult situations with finesse. I want to accomplish more at work and start playing a bigger role when it comes to representing NAWS Safety. I want to figure out where my line is and make sure I don’t let anyone cross it. And finally the biggest one, I want to be a better mother, always! These are all things that will take continual work. They arent goals that have a finish line, which is fine, because I never see myself as ever being satisfied with who I am. I think I will always want to better myself. This doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with who I am but I think its naive to say that who I am is a polished finished project.

What about the tangible goals for 2011 though? Well, I want to finish my degree finally. I want to run a 5k. I want to quit smoking. Yes, I smoke, yes I know its gross. That’s why I want to quit. Hell that’s why I will quit! I want to take better pictures of Fat Face and I want to finish his baby book. I think I can do all that. Now, I may not accomplish all these things when someone else thinks I should, but they aren’t their goals. They are mine. Now if I can only find a way to tell people with finesse.

Yay Christmas!!!! 2010

What a Christmas! It was full of family, food, gifts, and crazyness! The first present opened this morning was a little camera. Roman was absolutely in love with it!

V got a little frisbee and slept with it right away. He really has turned out to be one of the family. Like another kid. Even with the ruined couch and patio furniture, he is so amazing with Roman, and the perfect watch dog with his protectiveness. I never worry that anyone will ever try to break in when I’m alone with Roman, except when he’s snoring so loud I wonder if he would even hear anything.

Ahhh…..this is Sal opening tickets to the Chile vs. US soccer game next month from my parents. Surprised, excited, happy, ecstatic, doesn’t even begin to explain how happy he is. It’s at the Home Depot center and the seats are amazing. They really outdid themselves!

Arent these p.j.’s super cute. My parents have such a sense of humor, but I fully intent on wearing them!  I also got a beautiful pair of opal earings that I cant wait to wear.

Thank you to all of our family who made this weekend so special. We love you!

A parting gift…Pictures that Roman took.

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas with Sals family today since everyone was in town at the same time. This is Roman opening his first present this year. His Tia Nina got him amongst other things a green iron cast John Deer. He was hesitant to open anything else after he opened it because he was so in love with it.

This was later at my parents house. Can you see him contemplating whether or not he should pick up that rock and throw it at someone? Ahhhh….boys. We continued our tradition of opening a present on Christmas Eve. Roman got flashlights, in love again, if only he wouldn’t shine them in my eyes. Ugh.

Sal mom made a wonderful lunch and Sal and I made out like royalty with both our families today. We can’t thank everyone enough for putting so much effort into Christmas. It truly is about the memories.

I am so excited about tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll post tomorrow. I’ll definitely take pictures, but I’m expecting tomorrow to be very busy. Merry Christmas everyone!

Trucks, Cars, and Dinosaurs

Roman got an early Christmas present today from Sandi, his daycare provider and my best friend. He loves it! It’s a little remote control Ford truck, super cute! Fortunately and unfortunately it rained again today. I love the rain, and we desperately need it, but it’s not the easiest to play in when its winter. So we stayed inside and played with all of the trucks and cars, oh and two dinosaurs.

The colors are sooo saturated here when it rains, probably because it’s so dry being in the middle of the Mojave desert. I wish I was a better photographer or a little more creative. I wasnt sure what to take pictures of, so as I was walking around in the rain for some inspiration I found this old bench. I think I’ll take it home and fix it…maybe.

This picture was just for fun. Hey, I’m trying to find my artistic side. :). On a somewhat serious note, you may have noticed that I’m taking pictures of a lot of nothing. Not much has been going on, or I guess not much new, or maybe I’ve just hit a block. The other big reason for this is that its firkin hard to take pictures of toddlers that don’t sit still and HATE having their picture taken. A big objective of this was for me to get better at capturing my sons moments. Well….its poving to be hard! Its cold right now, so the pictures I do take are inside, and I have very YELLOW lighting, and I’m not sure what to do about it in processing….see I told you I dont think I’m a professional ;). So….wish me luck, wish me cleverness, and wish me an imagination.

Gingerbread Train


Today was a productive day. We started off the day Geocaching. Love it. It’s so much fun to go treasure hunting with Roman. Every geocache we have been to has had some sort of toy. We sit on the ground and empty it out while Roman picks what toy he wants and what toy he’s going to part with. Unfortunately we only did three because he was TIRED!

So while Roman was napping I did the grocery shopping, it always easier when I go alone. While I was at the store I picked up a Gingerbread Train kit. Roman helped a little, but I think he thinks it’s a toy. He keeps asking to play with it. Oh well, maybe when Christmas is over he can make a track on the kitchen table.

Christmas Tree’s


Well this picture doesnt do it justice, but we finished decorating our Christmas Tree today. After about five trips to K-Mart. Ugh. Roman decorated the bottom of the tree and I decorated the top. I think it came out pretty good. I think next year we’ll buy the tree in a pot so we can plant it.

This is our fake tree. I think it’s cute too. 🙂


We bought our Christmas tree today, but unfortunately we didn’t finish decorating it so that picture will have to wait until tomorrow.  Instead I took a picture of the ornaments and tried my hand at bokeh.  I like how it turned out. Im also learning how to use textures in Photoshop thanks to Kim Klassen’s class. Maybe Ill post something later.



I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I love the smell of pine, hot chocolate, Christmas music, snowboarding, and a ton more. Even with all these perks, I do NOT like the cold. I get cold so easy, and once it gets to my feet I can’t seem to shake it. Luckily its the perfect time to make a fire.

I am also adding some extra pics from this weekend…hopefully this helps a little since I flaked for a couple days last week. Enjoy….

The picture above was taken by Roman. He has an amazing eye, I need to take lessons from him.


As always, we can never seem to make it past a tractor without sitting and playing.

Mmmmm….Hot Chocolate

One of my favorite things about Christmas season is hot chocolate. Yummy! I especially love it with some french vanilla flavoring. apparently I have had this packet for a while though cuz the marshmallows never fully softened up. Oh well kind of reminded me of Lucky Charms marshmellows….hey, I may be onto something. 🙂