The Burroughs alumni game was today at lunch and more people turned out than I thought would. It was a good game and as usual the old folk won!! Roman wants to play so bad. It was all we could do to get him to sit on the side lines. He had to get carried off the field a couple of times. Sal plays soccer three times a week and I should really take Roman out there so he can learn the etiquette but it’s so dang cold!

He did get to hang out during warm up and half time though. The guys are so good with him.

I’m sure he will play soccer when he’s older, its in the Ramirez blood. I looked into pee wee soccer, but because Ridgecrest is so small the youngest you can be is 5.

Unfortunately Sal didn’t score this year, but there is always the 5 Aside and the Alumni game next year.

Even with a bum knee he’s still beating the youngins to the ball.

This was the first year that Sal’s little brother Mark got to play on the winning side. He did really good!

I’m looking forward to next years game!

Yay Christmas!!!! 2010

What a Christmas! It was full of family, food, gifts, and crazyness! The first present opened this morning was a little camera. Roman was absolutely in love with it!

V got a little frisbee and slept with it right away. He really has turned out to be one of the family. Like another kid. Even with the ruined couch and patio furniture, he is so amazing with Roman, and the perfect watch dog with his protectiveness. I never worry that anyone will ever try to break in when I’m alone with Roman, except when he’s snoring so loud I wonder if he would even hear anything.

Ahhh…..this is Sal opening tickets to the Chile vs. US soccer game next month from my parents. Surprised, excited, happy, ecstatic, doesn’t even begin to explain how happy he is. It’s at the Home Depot center and the seats are amazing. They really outdid themselves!

Arent these p.j.’s super cute. My parents have such a sense of humor, but I fully intent on wearing them!  I also got a beautiful pair of opal earings that I cant wait to wear.

Thank you to all of our family who made this weekend so special. We love you!

A parting gift…Pictures that Roman took.


Soccer isn’t just a past time for the Ramirez family…it’s a way of life. All of Sal’s family sans one sister played soccer and all of them  follow it. In fact the youngest of all the kids is currently playing college soccer.  I can’t say I didn’t know that when I married Sal that I would be a mistress at times to the game of Soccer.  When it’s time for the World Cup, I sit back for 3 months and wait until it’s over. Thank goodness its only every four years. I’ve survived two….so far.   Even though I find myself sleeping alone once in a while because Sal’s mistress is on tv, I don’t really mind. I think its a good outlet and hobby to have, and luckily America has never caught the bug like most European nations so I havent been totally overloaded. As you can see by the pictures above Roman has caught the bug, and I am happy about it. It will help him be active instead of watching tv or playing video games.  I want him to enjoy the outdoors and learn to be part of a team, while at the same time fostering a healthy competitive drive.  What I most look forward to is watching Sal coach Romans soccer team when they are little. I can just imagine Roman picking the flowfers and this group of kids all huddled around the ball but not quiet knowing what to do with it. Unfortunately with the way time is flying, it wont be to much longer…