Im a Sucker For….

…jewelry and flowers. But what girl isn’t?

Ahhh, so its been pretty busy around here. It was my and Sal’s 4 year anniversary and Mothers Day.

I have so many flowers in the house. Luckily only a couple have caught the wrath of Roman. Lol! He loves to rip the petals off and throw them.

This ring was a gift from my mom for finally graduating with my associates. Opals are our birthstone. So pretty. She’s had it forever. I’ve wanted it forever. Now its mine! Yay!

I got this necklace from a great friend for Mothers Day. It has Gigi’s name on it. So perfect. Thanks Jake.

I am so blessed to have the family and friends I do! Thank you everyone!


I posted 6 months ago about a baby girl being brought into this world by my best friend Amanda.  I got the pleasure of finally getting to meet her this past weekend.  Unfortunately her and her family live all the way on the east coast so I don’t get to see them that often. But I must say that she is the best baby ever! We went to the March of Dimes walk and she was great the whole way! We went shopping and she never even peeped. She smiled so much and was so easy to make laugh. We took pictures on Sunday and has so much fun!

The whole weekend wasnt just about baby though, it was about family and friends. And friends being so great they might as well be family.  Amanda is married to Keith, who I refer to as my brother. He is so laid back and chill! Absolutely love him. However…he did buy Roman a Nerf gun, then we had to go buy more, just so we could join in the fun, now I’m finding Nerf darts EVERYWHERE! Ridiculous! Another fabulous friend came Sunday too. He’s not just a friend though he’s Roman’s Godfather. The great thing is that everyone knows each other from our Air Force day’s.

I feel so lucky that they flew all the way from the east coast, then drove an hour and a half the day after they got to my house, to participate in the walk with us. Thanks guys! Love you!

And The Award Goes To….

Mr. Bill Deem for being the Best Boss Ever!!!! Yeah, I know this is an unusual statement, but I am sad that my boss has retired.  Last Thursday was his last day after 38 years of work. I wont say how old that makes him, or he’ll remind me exactly how many years I have until I retire. Ugh.

Bill hired me a little over two and a half years ago to work in the Base Safety Office as a Safety Specialist.  I had some background in safety but wasnt fully aware of what it entailed. I felt instantly at ease with the other employees and confident that I could trust my boss.  He has always done what he said he was going to do and has helped me advance as a person and employee.  He supported me when I lost Gigi and gave me that gentle push to face the public again when I was terrified to.  He was my biggest cheerleader when it came to my accomplishments and the best teacher when it came to areas that I wasnt up to speed on…which were and still are a lot!

He taught me that Buck Owens is Buck Owens, and you can only go through Death Valley to get to Trona (other than Ridgecrest).  He supported me when I requested leave without pay in order to spend more time with Roman when I realized he was growing up way to fast. He let me take day’s off to play in the snow with Roman.  He knew all of his employee’s in and out, and how to best manage them individually.  He knew that I would probably come into work sometime that week and tell him I needed to leave…in 15 minutes, but he was always understanding and never made me feel bad for it.  He gave me advice that I think were sometime from personal experiences. He encouraged my academic hunger and facilitated payment for it.  He told me the meaning of “whistle britches”…which I still need to talk to my dad about since he used to call me that, and brough pomegranates from his tree in for the office to have. He made the best breakfast ever called Armadillo Eggs! Yum! I learned how to tell someone off without them knowing, and how to pick your battles.  This list could go on and on and on…. but there is so much. So much that he tried to teach and I havent mastered yet. Or things that I absolutely refuse to learn or agree with (Fresno is not good at football). Or things I just plain old missed.

The most import thing though is that he made me laugh. Every day I looked forward to the safety walk and the nuggets of wisdom he so generously shared with me.  Thanks Boss for making such a lasting impression, and giving me an example of an extraordinary boss! When I “own it all” I hope I’m half as good as you were.

Death Valley

We took a little trip to Death Valley. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, but something I had gotten some resistance on now for some time. I won!! Lol!  I’ll give you the scenic pictures first…

We went the “back way” through Olancha and ended up getting to Furnace creek about 3 hours later. Haha. Yeah…I thought that was the only way to get there. Apparently it’s not. And apparently the only way to get to Trona besides Ridgecrest is through Death Valley. I’m telling you, I learn things by leaps and bounds every day! Anyways, we stopped at the Furnace Creek Resort. Its built into the side of a mountain and you go through this tunnel and take an elevator up three floors to get to the lobby. My pictures of the tunnel do it no justice. Jake however has taken some amazing pictures of it if you want to see something cool.

We got a room for the night even though we weren’t planning on it at all. We had no change of clothes no toiletries, nothing! But the offer they made us was half price what it normally is, and we were tired of driving. So we went swimming and strolled the grounds, exploring the natural springs. The pool is a natural spring and the green is all from the springs. Nothing piped in from a well or city water. A true oasis in the middle of the desert.

Roman Turns 3!

So my little boy turned 3 on Easter. Wow! Where did this time go? I swear it feels like I was just leaving the hospital with him yesterday. I also threw an old pic in to show you the before to present. Bonus!

This fabulous cake was made by a wonderful person! Thank you so much Denise! Roman picked a John Deere theme and Denise made the awesome cake and sent me templates for this cute banner!

Ahhh….chaos of screaming kids and tons of presents! I freak out during it, but after I realise I LOVE every moment! Im not sure why it wouldnt let me space the pictures like I wanted to, but oh well.

I think some people (love you guys) were waiting for some good pics. Ahahaha! Yeah, I put down the camera again. I wanted to be in the moment. Sitting next to him as he opened presents.  Holding him as he blew out his candles. All that jazz. Im looking forward to seeing everyone else’s pictures! 🙂

I have two more posts. Hopefully Ill get to them soon. I have the pics, just havent downloaded them yet!

Busy Busy Bee


My weekend was super busy but super great! We started off with a yard sale, not so much fun, but luckily Sal took the lead on it. We had two bikes for sale. Roman and Tio Mark are next to them.

The cool thing about these two bikes is that they are mine and Sal’s first bikes. They didn’t sell but I’m kinda glad in a weird way.

The yard sale was Friday. Afterwards we ran errands and hung out at the house.

Saturday we went fishing. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera. I’m glad I didn’t though. While it was Roman’s first fishing trip I was glad that I was there in person. Not behind the lens. I did however grab some cute pictures with Sal’s iPhone :).

Ahhh….and Sunday! I got to take pictures of the an adorable little boy. Thank you Brittany for letting me practice and hang out! 🙂

Bye Bye!!!

Today was our Nanny’s last day. I have to say that I will miss her as much if not more than Roman! Jenny is a student at BYU-Idaho and was home between semesters…if that’s what you call them. They have a weird schedule. Anyways, were already coordinating our schedules so when she come’s home next time she can watch Roman!

She was amazing with Roman. She was always 100% for him.  She took him to the park almost every day. If the weather was bad she would make crafts with him. She made home-made play dough with him. Painted a little frog out of paper plates, make an indian hat and hand turkey with him… and the list goes on. She took him to Wal-Mart today to let him pick a birthday present since she wont be here, took him to the park, and finally Baskin Robins. Seriously LOVE this girl. The icing on top? I would get home and most day’s she would empty the dishwasher and load it again! We are all going to miss you TONS! See you soon.

Wordless Wednesday

Your Best Advice


I figure the hardest thing about being a photographer would be the originality part. Well for me anyways.  I think it stems back to the time when I was told as a child to color inside the lines! Damn teachers! Lol!

I went with Jake this morning to my grandma’s house. She’s got some really rustic stuff out there and I showed him around. With my Grandma’s approval of course. Afterwards he showed me a little around CS5. I’m movin on up! Ya, tried to put a texture on the next pic. No go. Have no idea what I’m doing! Ahhhh….what’s new though?

What a wonderful day of learning what I’m interested in! Yay for fun learning! We talked about the business of going into business for yourself. I’m have a degree in Business, but it has to be so scary to take that plunge! I’m good taking pics of my kiddo’s and friends just for fun. I would LOVE to try my hand at newborn photography though! Just for fun of course. I could never charge anyone for what I’m doing :)!

Later in the day we went over to Honey (my mom) and Grandpa’s house. Last weekend my mom was watering the plants in their courtyard when a bird flew out of one and nearly scared her half to death. I took half of the batch a couple of days ago and picked up the rest today since she never came back. I’m pretty sure they are quail eggs (thanks boss), but not sure they will ever hatch. Poor guys!

I’m really working hard to try to improve but there are so many ways, I’m not sure where to start. Still constantly thinking of composition and light. I had to restrain myself until the end of the day to take photo’s hehe.

I asked Jake today what was the best advice about photography he had ever been given was. Now I want to hear from you. Tell me what turned that lightbulb on for you!

Flying in a Jet Plane


Lets start with the devil you see above. I just wanted to show everyone the look I usually get when taking his pictures. Ahhhh….that’s a look that will conquer the hearts of all of those that he comes into contact with. NOT! Bahaha. He definitely has a personality.

You know what Roman got to do this morning? Yep he went flying. I have one of the coolest jobs on base. I get to meet a ton of people.  One of these people owns the tow company for the gliders at the airport and offered to let Roman go on a flight with him.

That’s super cool! For Roman!!! I on the other hand am not a fan of flying. The smaller the plane, the worse I get. So instead Sal got to go with him.  Inyokern is known for its bumpy take-offs and landings. It sits right against the valley’s mountains, and its always frikin windy here!

Pretty cool day if I do say so myself!

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