Sunday Funday

Has a whole new meaning when you have kids. Spending time with family is what makes the day perfect! This whole weekend was pretty great if I do say so myself. We spent last night with my parents and celebrated his birthday.

Roman loves blowing out the candles :). 

The card that we got Grandpa :)! Happy Birthday! We love you!

Sal’s sister came into town too. She brought her adorable family! The kids played. Tata (Roman’s Grandpa on Sal’s side) BBQ’d. Love it!

I thought this photo lent itself well to a cool preset called Bitchin Camaro.

Doesnt he have the most beautiful eyes? Lucky boy. I didn’t do anything to them except for adjust the normal things like blacks, lights, highlights, etc. He’s just handsome on his own. 🙂

I asked him to pose sit for me so I could take his picture and this is what I got. Such a model. 🙂

I also learned something new tonight. You shouldnt edit when your laptops not plugged in. Haha. Hope they look okay on everyone’s computer!


Dancing Fools

All of Sals’ family minus one sister came into town today so we BBQ’d it up! We all ate kabobs and the kids played throughout the house and yard. After everyone’s food had settled we put in a Wii game that Kathy brought, where you dance your booty off. I picked this picture because Nancy is in the background dancing. She was dancing the whole time! By the way…I beat Sal every time! Undefeated fool!

BBQ Sunday

As everyone knows today is Sunday…the last day before most of us have to go back to work. On Sunday’s we try to get the family together whether it be my parents or Sal’s or both, and BBQ. I must say I am spoiled because my Mother-In-Law usually makes the food.  Not any type of food, authentic Mexican! Last week she taught me how to make her salsa and rice. This week I tried my hand at it and it turned out pretty good, though not as good as hers. I also made my guacamole. Its easy and good! The boys barbequed some chicken and onions, and my Father-In-Laws amazing corn on the cob!

I am a huge foodie and love, love, love to cook so I will be posting pics of my food and maybe even recipes in the following year. You can see my recipe in the picture above so if you want a good recipe for guac, there you go. Enjoy your Sunday!