New Life

I am posting early for a very good reason today. My best friend Amanda is getting induced tomorrow, but because she is on east coast time I will still be asleep when she goes into labor. Cadena, I am soo freaking excited for you and I cant wait to meet Rilynn. I know she will have the laughter from both of you and her good looks from her auntie. I love all 3 of you!

The poster was specially created today by Roman and I. I’ll give him the credit for the good part…whatever that is ūüėČ

“New life makes loosing life easier to understand” ~ Jack Johnson


Mother and Daughter

Today was my moms birthday, but I wont say how old ;)~.¬† I made her a spice cake with cream cheese frosting as requested and Roman and I made her a huge card. He wasnt interested in coloring it with mere¬†old crayons though (he wanted paint), so he got to put the stickers on it. In tradition with all of her birthdays¬†we picked up some chinese and celebrated. It was nice, Roman blew¬†the candles out as usual and we watched “Meet the Robinson’s”. I’m¬†looking forward to our birthday¬†next year though….we’ll be celebrating some big numbers in Hawaii!

When I look at this picture I can’t¬†see any of her in me. I used to ask her if I was adopted when I was younger, and of course I’m not! Haha! I think it’s just¬†a natural thing that kids ask. I’m¬†sure Roman will ask me someday, especially since I don’t see myself in him. I see all Sal, but I was there when he was born so I know he’s mine :)!

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